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Chapter 16 ~ Stories of the Hospital Wing

"Come on, go on, hurry up!" With hectic caution and under the critical eyes of Sunmi, Seokmin and Kwangjin laid the unconscious Hoshi on one of the white-covered beds. Jeonghan was carried in by Seungcheol and placed in the adjacent bed. Hands in The healer stood in front of the two sick beds, brooding on her sides. With a snap of her finger she commanded Seokmin and looked at him with cocked head: "What exactly happened again?" Her eyebrows pulled together in confusion, DK stood next to her: "II really don't know ... He didn't blink the whole time and ... and there was such a strange noise ... then the voice with the ball and and then he lived again! Just because!"
Kwangjin patted his shoulder compassionately and escorted the confused magician outside after they were released by Sunmi. Seungcheol refused to leave his angel alone and stayed seated when Sunmi almost threw him out. The healer finally gave up and continued examining Soonyoung. She cut open the fabric of the T-shirt, stiffened by his own blood, and exposed his stomach, which a few minutes ago had a hand-sized hole in it. With a soft cloth and some warm water, Sunmi began to remove the dry blood from the magician's skin. To her surprise, there was nothing beneath it but bare skin. "Very interesting," she mumbled as she lightly palpated the abdomen. A large scar ran from his right ribs to the left pelvic rim, but otherwise everything was as before. Thoughtfully she brought the cloth back where it came from and concentrated on his breathing. A little shallow, but not threatening. Just like his pulse. Basically the magician was just sleeping. Sunmi covered her student and joined Seungcheol, who had never left Jeonghan alone. It had started to rain outside and from far away the first rumbling of thunder could be heard. "Has he moved yet?" she asked the fire mage cautiously. Seungcheol looked up and smiled proudly: "Yes, his eyes twitched a few times." Sunmi also smiled and looked at the blond angel in front of her: "Will you let me examine him once?" This time even voluntarily, the magician moved a little further away and gave Sunmi his place. The healer took hold of his wrist and counted the angel's racing pulse.

The Taemin house was in a state of excitement, even though the teachers had actually told them to rest. Even so, Seokmin and Kwangjin heard students running through all three floors, talking at one another. "Well then," said Kwangjin and pushed open the old door, only to be dragged in by Dino and Woojin two seconds later. Not a blink of an eye later they were standing in the large lounge surrounded by all the other students and were bombarded with questions. I don't understand a single word! ", Kwangjin shouted, slightly desperate, and looked around for help. "As soon as Jeonghan is gone, you get the crisis here," Seokmin said with a laugh and Kwangjin nodded quickly. The blonde angel had ensured calm and serenity in the house. Now that he was not there to take care of his self-appointed children , everything went haywire. "Dude!", Chan aka Dino suddenly shouted across the room, "If you talk like that, you never get answers!" All of a sudden they turned to the youngest of the older ones and saw him astonished. "What?", the magician shrugged his shoulders innocently, "I just said it ..."
And the conversation volume really went down astonishingly far in the near future. Joshua was even able to take his hands off his ears without going numb immediately. Accordingly, Kwangjin and Seokmin had to torment themselves through a two-hour interrogation that never seemed to end. DK was made to remember every minute detail of Hoshi's rescue, and Kwangjin was riddled with questions about Jeonghan. The announcement for dinner saved the two of them from more questions and the group broke up grumbling to get ready.

If you had stood in the construction site of the castle some time ago and had been told that food for around one hundred beings would be served in this room, you would not have believed that person. Today four long tables had been set up in the great hall for the students to sit at. The table for the teachers stood crosswise at the ends of the rows of tables. Mr. Park had the chief seat in the middle with a view of the slowly gathering students. Sunmi just came through the double doors and shooed a few students out of Taemin's house. "No, I can't and won't answer your questions now ... I can't tell you any more than Seokmin and Kwangjin ..." With that she left the three of them and sat down on her seat next to Mr. Park live however Jeonghan managed to do it, "she ran her hair through her long hair and rested her elbows on the tabletop. "When he wakes up he can maybe tell us," Mr. Lee tried to calm her down, which didn't quite work. Sunmi just looked at him sarcastically: "When he wakes up ..." At that moment the housekeeper came from Mr. Choi and now the head chef of the boarding school, Mrs. Kwon, stopped by and smiled at the angel: “He will wake up. And if he does he will have a lot to tell. "Mr. Park cocked his head a little:" What makes you so sure? " Mrs. Kwon smiled at him the way a grandmother smiled at her grandson: "A good friend of mine saw it."
While the boarding school sat in the dining room and ate their fill, Mrs. Kwon went to the hospital wing with two full plates. Seungcheol had still successfully refused to leave the room and another student had sat down to keep Soonyoung company. She humming down the long aisle and balanced the plates on a tray. On the walls were portraits of beings who had died many years ago. The alpha of the first official pack of werewolf hung there, the vampire who so far held the record for lifetime and at the end of the corridor hung the painting of the most famous witch who had ever lived: Esther. She came from the west and could jump through time. With this she had saved the lives of many beings and people, until the dark mages were finally faster than them. With a smile, Mrs. Kwon looked at the painting and passed her lightly over the frame. "Well," she said sternly to herself and turned away with a jerk to bring the boys their dinner. She knocked on the door of the hospital room. A low voice was heard and a chair was pushed back. Then it opened heavy wooden door and Mrs. Kwon stepped into the bright, light-flooded room. The windows were adorned with light, puffy curtains and magical candles burned on the walls. They were made of the fire of a magician and never ceased to give off light and warmth There were five large hospital beds opposite the window. A little boy had opened the door to Mrs. Kwon. "I thought you'd rather eat up here?" asked the good-natured witch the boys, who took their seats again next to the two of them Set beds. Immediately the smaller of the two nodded and took one of the plates from Mrs. Kwon, which she held out to them.
"So now tell me," Mrs. Kwon began after the two had taken the first bites, "what's your name?" "Seungcheol ... Jihoon", the smaller one mumbled between two bites and pointed first to the fire mage next to him and finally to himself. "Seungcheol and Jihoon, how beautiful! And the two next to you?", The witch smiled generously at. This time Seungcheol replied, “This is Soonyoung, but we mostly call him Hoshi. And that's Jeonghan, the mother of House Taemin. "Mrs. Kwon's expression brightened when she heard the name of Jeonghan:" Ahh, the little angel who cares so lovingly for the rest of you? Yeah, you get a lot in my kitchen with if you want. " Seungcheol smiled, put his now empty plate to one side and immediately grabbed the hand of the angel next to him again. "Well then, guys," the witch got up from her chair, "I'll walk downstairs again. The dishes are waiting!" With a wink, she put the empty plates back on her tray and turned to go. When she got to the door, she stopped briefly and turned on her heel: "Jihoon, right?" The fox nodded slowly. "You stay with him, he'll probably wake up soon."
After the door fell back into the lock, Jihoon looked down at the sleeping magician. "Do you think he'll really wake up soon?", He asked Seungcheol, almost in a whisper. "Definitely he will," the magician tried to calm him down and turned his gaze back to Jeonghan, "I'm sure he will."