Who was Silas in the Bible


Silas is a respected man in the community of the apostles and was appointed together with Judas Barsabbas to accompany Saul and Barnabas on their way to Antioch and to announce the decision on the question of circumcision (1). Silas is a prophet (2). He then traveled with Saul through Syria and Cilicia and strengthened the communities there (3).

Together with Saul he visited Derbe and Lystra and there they met Timothy, whom they took with them. They moved on through Phrygia and Galatia to Troas. From Troas they traveled to Philippi via Samothrace and Neapolis. There they met a godly woman named Lydia on the river outside the city. In Philippi, Saul and Silas were imprisoned and the judges had their clothes torn off and beaten with sticks. In prison, the two prayed for God's help and a great earthquake occurred that opened all doors in the prison. When the guard saw this, he wanted to kill himself, believing that his prisoners had fled, but Saul called him and converted him. The guard took her in and nursed and hid her in his home until her term was up (4).

In the company of Saul he traveled on through Amphipolis and Apollonia to Thessalonica, where Saul preached in the Jewish synagogue. Many Jews became angry about this and they moved on to Beroa until the Jews from Thessalonian rioted against them there too. From there Paul moved on to Athens, while Silas and Timothy stayed behind (5).

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