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"LIVE COMPANIES!" - Partnership for a professional future

The new “ENTERPRISE LIFE!” Initiative of the Austrian Cancer Aid aims to get the topic of cancer out of the taboo in a professional context and to support companies with specific integration measures.

Around 340,000 women and men across Austria live with cancer. Around half of them are in the middle of their working life. With increasingly better quality early detection measures and optimized medical therapies, cancer can be cured in many cases and nothing stands in the way of returning to work.

Nevertheless, both superiors and colleagues and those affected themselves often do not know how to optimally prepare for reintegration into the job and how to succeed.

In many cases, cancer is a big taboo subject, especially in the professional environment. Executives feel overwhelmed with addressing the disease and making agreements with everyone involved on how best to deal with the situation in the team.

With "ENTERPRISE LIFE!", The Austrian Cancer Aid is pursuing three major goals:

  1. Creating public awareness of the difficult situation in which superiors, colleagues and sick employees are stuck when it comes to professional reintegration after a long sick leave.
  2. Offer of psycho-oncological coaching for companies when employees develop cancer with the aim of the fastest and best possible reintegration for the benefit of all involved. We also offer coaching - for example as part of the Vienna Cancer Aid - in the form of preventive coaching for managers in order to be well prepared in the event of an emergency.
  3. Support of the free advisory services of the national organizations of the Austrian Cancer Aid for patients and relatives through sponsorship. Because these services make a significant contribution to ensuring that people with cancer are fit for everyday life again as quickly as possible - and thus also for their job.

What is the problem with reintegrating into the job?
Even if one or the other celebrity is now speaking openly about their cancer, the topic is still often taboo in a professional context. At best, you confide in a good colleague - a fertile breeding ground for the rumor mill, but very unfavorable for the working atmosphere and extremely difficult for superiors and colleagues. Behind this are uncertainties in communication and in dealing with the topic of cancer, concerns about the resilience of sick employees and because of the often months-long sick leave and their effects on colleagues and team, questions about stress-related problems and conflicts in the team as well as dealing with psychological stress As a general rule.

What is the point of psycho-oncological coaching
Superiors play a key role in the reintegration of employees with cancer. The balancing act between the responsibility for the company's economic goals on the one hand and the team and the sick employees on the other hand is difficult and delicate. A conscious, goal-oriented and at the same time empathetic approach to the topic and the employees involved has a decisive influence on the working atmosphere and a successful reintegration process.

The positive effects of coaching range from strengthening social skills in the team, from solidarity and cohesion to increasing individual job satisfaction and team motivation to developing a constructive culture of conflict and more openness in dealing with stress of all kinds.

What do companies benefit from
Competent handling of the sensitive topic of cancer speaks for the company's great social competence, both in public and within the company, and thus contributes to high employee satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Communicating openly that a company not only tolerates its employees in the event of cancer, but actively supports them, increases the appreciation of the company enormously and can be clearly identified and measured in employee surveys.

Around 50% of cancer patients are of working age and in most cases - if their state of health allows it - highly motivated to return to work as soon as possible. The special emotional connection and the special commitment of these people, whom your company has helped in their difficult life situation, are obvious.

The Austrian Cancer Aid hopes that Austrian companies will be very willing to take up the socially important topic of reintegration together and implement it successfully. The result of this partnership is a unique win-win situation.

“COMPANIES LIVE!” - partnerships. Hand in hand for a professional future
With a “ENTERPRISE LIFE!” Sponsorship you are a partner of Austrian Cancer Aid when it comes to helping cancer patients return to “normal” life and making a significant contribution to the fact that working women and men are faster and better after completing their medical treatment find their way back to their job.

You can get more information about the regional offer of “UNTERNEHMEN LEBEN!” From the respective regional cancer aid organization.


Copyright photo: Austrian Cancer Aid Vienna

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