In which climate zone is Texas located

Climate in Dallas

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Dallas is one of them Subtropical climate zone.
The climate is continental.

What is the climate like in Dallas?

The climate in Dallas is subtropical. The city in the central south of the USA is located in the state of Texas. The climate data shows very clearly that the summer months in Dallas can get hot. In July, the maximum values ​​are reached, which are a monthly mean of 30 ° C. The maximum temperatures rise to 34 ° C, the minimum temperatures with an average of 26 ° C do not bring much cooling. In June, August and September similar temperatures can be read from the climate diagram. The maximum maximum values ​​are always above 30 ° C, but the minimum values ​​are a few degrees lower. In addition, not much rainfall is expected in Dallas in the summer months. With 5 or 6 days of rain a month, it is relatively dry. But it won't be much different in Dallas all year round. The rainfall increases in the winter months, but not by much. Most of the precipitation falls in April with 9 days a month. The temperatures drop sharply in the winter months. The climate table shows that in January they are in the minimum range at an average of 2 ° C. So there can be snowfall in Dallas. The maximum values ​​are always higher than 10 ° C on average. With a daily average of 7.5 ° C in January, the lowest values ​​for Dallas have been reached.
The best time to travel to Dallas is July.
Dallas has a lot to offer travelers, especially in terms of culture. There are many facilities to be found in the Downtown Arts District. These include the Dallas Museum of Art and the Dallas Opera. The Bank of America Plaza is the tallest structure in the city. There are many skyscrapers to be found especially in the city center. The Renaissance Tower and the Reunion Tower are also considered to be the city's attractions.

Annual average

The daily highs are 24 ° Celsius as an annual mean.
At night the average is 13 ° Celsius.
The duration of sunshine is approximately 7 hours per day.


The warmest month of July with a daytime temperature of 34 ° Celsius.
January is the coldest month with around 13 ° Celsius.