There is also an Orient Express train

Orient express

The Orient express is a legendary train that for many is nothing more than a myth. But it really existed and is still there. Politicians, noblemen, actors and writers used to travel with him. Even today you can discover the world with the nostalgia train. Here I introduce you to the nostalgic and noble long-distance train in front. I'll tell you the story of its origins and what the Orient Express is all about these days. I will show you the routes of the train and you will find out what you have to pay for a ticket.

The creation of the Orient Express

The Belgian engineer Georges Nagelmackers traveled to the USA for the first time in the 19th century on a long-distance train. At the time, sleeping cars were still an absolute celebrity and a fascination for many travelers.

Georges Nagelmackers also shared the idea Sleep and travel to join, done. After his return he founded the company "Compagnie International des Wagons-Lits", In German" International Society for Sleeping Cars ". At the end of the 19th century, many people wanted to discover the world, travel to distant countries and get to know foreign cultures. That was the idea for the Orient express born.

The Orient Express as a luxury train in a class of its own

On June 5, 1883, the time had come and the Orient Express was to make its first route from Paris to Constantinople, today's Istanbul, go. Fine ladies and gentlemen gathered at the Embarcadère de Strasbourg, which is now called Gare de l’Est, in Paris. Everyone was waiting eagerly for the train that would change travel from now on and forever: the Orient Express. Before that, there was no other train in Europe that could offer guests long journeys at a high level. The Orient Express was the train whose name evoked fantasies about distant lands.

For the Noble train Only the finest materials were used. Noble teak adorned the wagons, heavy carpets clad the floor, high-quality leather armchairs stood at small tables made of polished wood. The lovingly decorated lamps bathed the compartments in warm light, while stylish music played on the grand piano in the background. The staff served the champagne in crystal glasses.

No wonder actors, singers, writers and artists are one Journey on the Orient Express undertook to be inspired by him. Such a train every well-heeled had to see in those days! A trip on the Orient Express, for example, inspired Agatha Christie to write her thriller "Murder on the Orient Express". Graham Greene wrote his novel "Stamboul Train" after his stay in the luxury train. James Bond chased a villain on the Orient Express in "With Love from Moscow". The myth "Orient Express" was for Film and literature a long-runner.

The Orient Express as a Means for Political Peace?

The original route of the noble train ran from London to Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia and reached its destination in Constantinople. Georges Nagelmackers achieved something that was special at the time. He signed treaties with different countries, all of which had different political interests at the time, and in this way brought them closer together.

The First World War then disturbed the initial harmony and changed the original route traffic. From then on, this was intended exclusively for high-ranking politicians. A new route via Switzerland, Italy and Croatia has been developed for normal travel and the train is now called Simplon Orient Express. For political reasons, the Orient Express no longer served the loser countries from the First World War - Germany and Austria.

After this second World War the luxury train lost more and more of its importance. Other express trains offered the same routes for less money, airplanes and automobile traffic also overtook the noble long-distance train. The result: further sections of the route were canceled.

The Orient Express today: Venice Simplon Orient Express

Today is the name of the train legend Venice Simplon Orient Express and belongs to the Belmond collection. Since May 25, 1982 the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express has been authentically renovated with 17 Original wagons on Europe's rails. Lovers of special travel can travel to various sections of the original route in the legendary luxury train.

In your private compartment, equipped with the original vanity, you have a personal one Cabin steward available around the clock. After your arrival you can enjoy a welcome drink in your own bar car, lunch is served in the classy restaurant car. The white tablecloths decorate the dark wooden tables, the velvet-covered chairs are a perfect color match for the floral velor wallpapers.

Your cabin steward will serve you classic afternoon tea in your compartment while you enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape. You don't have to worry about your bed. Enjoy the first-class dinner in the restaurant car. In the meantime, your cabin attendant will transform your compartment into a cozy bedchamber. There is no hectic rush on this train, here the journey is the goal of the journey.

Orient-Express: routes, tickets and prices

Today's Orient-Express, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, drives to numerous European cities that are well worth seeing. If you want to experience a special kind of train journey, you have a large selection of different stretch. One of the most popular routes is Venice-Paris-London. The trip only takes two days and you pay well over € 2,000 for a ticket. These prices also apply to many other routes. The others Orient-Express routes are for example:

    • Prague-Paris
    • Venice Prague
    • Vienna-Paris
    • Venice-Vienna-Budapest
    • Berlin-Paris

The train journeys usually take two days. The Paris-London route is an exception. It only lasts a day. Another exception is the trip from Berlin to Paris. You can plan five days for the route. Usually they are Prices similar for the routes mentioned. However, this only applies to tickets for a double compartment or a single compartment. On the other hand, if you book a suite, the price can quickly exceed € 4,000.

If you want to sink completely into nostalgia, you can historical route of Paris to Istanbul book. The journey on the legendary Original route takes about six days and costs just under € 9,000. If you want to follow in the footsteps of history, in the truest sense of the word, you have to spend a lot of money for it.

Catering on board is included in the ticket prices. You pay extra for the drinks.

A special travel experience with the Orient Express

Without a doubt that is Orient express a Luxury trainwho is looking for his own kind. who nostalgic trips like, the Edelzug is the right choice for them. Traveling back in time to the golden twenties is a real experience. If you have the spare change for the comparatively expensive tickets, you can look forward to an extraordinary journey on one of the most famous trains in the world!