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Here you will find the old issues 2002-2008 in ZIP format.

For issues from 2007 and 2008, the complete print version can still be obtained from Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH, Kronach, Publishing Group Public Organizations, Adolf-Kolping-Stra├če 10, 96317 Kronach.
Orders must only be sent there (Tel .: (09261) 969 4444, Fax: (09261) 969 4449, E-Mail: [email protected])

Older editions (before 2002) can be requested for a fee as a hard copy from the following address:

Bavarian State Library
Direct delivery service
Ludwigstrasse 16
80539 Munich
Fax: 089 2809284
Email: [email protected]

The announcements of these ministries are published in the official gazette of the Bavarian State Ministries for Education and Culture and for Science, Research and Art (KWMBl). Laws and ordinances that are important for schools and universities as well as announcements by the Bavarian State Government, other Bavarian ministries and other bodies are reprinted there.

In the supplementary sheet, information is given on current dates, in particular for examinations, training events and competitions, as well as vacancies.

Part II of the Official Gazette was used to publish university statutes. Since January 1st, 2005, they have been announced by the individual universities through notices or on the Internet.