What is the cause of empirical knowledge

Experience-based knowledge as individual and collective organizational knowledge

Exchange of implicit empirical knowledge pp 72-86 | Cite as


Knowledge of experience in the sense meant here is to be distinguished from the conservative notion of accumulating experience into a treasure trove of experience. Because the mentioned empirical knowledge does not exist as isolated knowledge, but is based on special modes of action and work that can be traced back to objectifying and subjectifying modes of action. With the concept of subjectivizing work action, it becomes possible to present a more in-depth concept of tacit knowledge that more precisely grasps the concept of knowledge in terms of action theory. In doing so, it takes into account precisely those phenomena that cannot be easily integrated into the frame of reference of an objectifying (based on scientific principles) work activity. With the concept of empirical knowledge it is possible to propose further conceptual developments for dealing with limited formalizable “practical knowledge” on a theoretical-empirical basis on the basis of a specifically defined concept of “practical knowledge”.45

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