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Tiny Tools: The 5 Best Mini Guitar Amps

Small new school amps are good for practicing, jamming at room volume and recording directly into the audio interface - here are the best little guitar amps in tube technology, which fit on every coffee table, are flyweight and in extreme cases only cost a little over 200 euros. With mostly single-digit watts, the small boxes sound amazingly powerful ...

Mini guitar amps at a glance: Here you will find rich sound in a small format!

From Felix Baarß

5 tiny amps

Below you will find a fairly wide range of guitar amplifiers, each with different strengths, but they have three things in common: They are tiny - the largest is just 35 cm wide - weigh next to nothing and are equipped with tubes in the preamp and power amplifier . With one exception, which only roars in the preamp; the model in question does not lose anything of the dynamically appealing, warm and lively tube sound.

Otherwise there are a number of functions that go well with a guitar amplifier of the third millennium, such as a loudspeaker simulation (simulated guitar speaker sound) and / or outputs for direct recording without miking.

Palmer One »Review

Dimensions: 206 × 128 × 108 mm | Weight: 2.2 kg | Price: 199 euros

It couldn't be more minimalistic when it comes to guitar amplifiers. 1 watt fires the tubes. The controls: Volume & Tone, plus a button for preamp boost. Well, there is an extra, namely the speaker simulation, with which you can practice with speaker sound at night without bringing your neighbors to the Palmer (muahaha). Or record without having to use a microphone.

The highly dynamic distortion is one of the great strengths of this tiny thing, the clean sounds are also appealing. That brings us to a potential point of criticism: There is no master potentiometer for the final volume control of the sound. Anyone who can live with it receives a very refreshing, extremely differentiated appealing little amp for clean & crunch, not least in home recording scenarios.

Blackstar HT Metal 1H

Dimensions: 350 x 270 x 230 mm | Weight: 5 kg | Price: 229 euros

It is a particularly well-known, tonally versatile 1-watt amplifier for practicing. Metal is the magic word, so you can handle very strong distortions. Two channels are available - with the small overdrive switch, you can play on the basis of different degrees of distortion. You can also seamlessly cross-fade between British and US sound with a single rotary control, as is the case with many of the manufacturer's other amps. The reverb effect is the icing on the cake for the tonal variability.

Great: The modern extras (AUX input, DI / headphone output, speaker simulation) are all combined in this model. As the clearly best-equipped representative of our group, it is no wonder that the HT Metal 1H is quite voluminous and heavy in relation to this. In absolute terms, however, this is a no-brainer, dimensions / weight see above - and so we are still a long way off from the heavy monsters the size of a suitcase, to which there was previously no alternative at all!

Orange Micro Terror

Dimensions: 165 × 135 × 95 mm | Weight: 0.85 kg | Price: 105 euros

Classic orange sound with a strong British character and a lot of overdrive in a handbag format. A modest 20 watts and a tube in the preliminary stage are the determining factors here. On the other hand, transistors are responsible for the amplification in the output stage and so we are dealing with one of the very few hybrid amps here.

A special feature is an AUX input in 3.5 mm format, with which signals from smartphones, MP3 players, etc. can be fed in and dubbed. For purists who can do without extras on the output side such as a DI output, loudspeaker simulation & Co., this thing is more than worth a look. Especially at this price!

Mooer Little Monster

Dimensions: 193 × 120 × 105 mm | Weight: ? | Price: 199 euros

Cheeky duo from the Far East! These 5-watts are almost as tiny as the Orange colleague, but in full tube. The two variants differ in the tube configuration, there is the silver "AC", which is reminiscent of a Vox AC30, and the gold "BM". With the controls, you are content with gain and volume, while a switch for channel selection (Normal / Top Boost or Bright) and one for the timbre (Mellow / Thin) are available.

In addition to the loudspeaker output (8/16 Ω switchable) you won't find any extras here, the focus has just been placed entirely on the all-tube equipment in small format.

Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 5 Head

Dimensions: 253 × 156 × 149 mm | Weight: 3.5 kg | Price: 199 euros

Another 5-watt box, the specialty of which is the 3-band equalizer. As with a full-blown amp, there are separate controls for influencing the bass, middle and treble, which ensures considerable tonal adaptability. Two channels are at the start to be able to play everything from clean to high gain.

The loudspeaker output is suitable for boxes with a total of 8 to 16 Ω. A switchable power soak converts the output of the power amplifier into heat, i.e. deactivates the audio signal to the guitar cabinet. The XLR output picks up the sound before the power amplifier and provides you with a balanced DI signal that you can connect to a mixer or record directly via an audio interface.

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