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Political barometer : Poll: Gysi's exit will hurt the left

After Gregor Gysis announced that he no longer wanted to run for the parliamentary group chairmanship of the Left, the prospects for success of the party were assessed rather negatively by the Germans: 56 percent of those surveyed assume that the left's chances are now likely to deteriorate, 31 percent are calculating with little impact, only 6 percent believe that this increases the chances of success. The values ​​are similar among the supporters of the left itself. This was the result of the latest political barometer, which the research group Elections in Mannheim collects for Tagesspiegel and ZDF and for which 1230 randomly selected voters in Germany were interviewed by telephone. A majority of 58 percent believe that the left in the federal government will strive for a coalition with the SPD and the Greens, 33 percent do not believe that. If it came to red-red-green after the next federal election, 54 percent of all respondents would find that bad - in March it was 62 percent. 26 percent thought such an alliance was good (March: 23 percent) and 18 percent would not care (March: 12 percent).

The number of Germans who are in favor of the Greeks leaving the euro has risen. 51 percent of those surveyed are of this opinion, in March it was only 45 percent. Only a minority of 41 percent are in favor of staying in the euro; in March it was 49 percent. The supporters of the left and the Grexit are against the so-called Grexit, it is more favored by Union and SPD supporters. (Tsp)

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