How fast can I gain 10 pounds

Gaining Weight - How To Build Mass

Eat a lot without gaining weight- a blessing for some, a curse for others. We'll show you how to gain weight healthily!

Gaining weight quickly: is that possible?

If you want to gain weight, it is important to keep an eye on your calorie balance. If you eat more calories than you burn in a day, you gain weight. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight. If the calorie intake and consumption are the same, then your weight remains unchanged. You can determine your individual calorie requirement with the help of our free calorie calculatorfind out.

A moderate calorie excess of around 300-500 calories will help you gain weight. Make sure that you reach your calorie surplus daily with your diet.

Just as with losing weight, the goal of gaining weight is not to see a change overnight. It's about long-term success. Therefore, we do not recommend that you stuff everything that gets in your way. But at the same time supplying your body with high-quality foods that provide you with more than just sugar. So give to your body enough timeso that he can adapt to your new lifestyle. We'll show you what you should consider when gaining weight healthily.

Gaining weight healthily: 4 tips

Generating excess calories can mean eating between 3000-4000kcal a day. Of course, these can be reached more quickly by reaching for pizza, burgers and the like. However, to ensure that you get enough vitamins and minerals, we recommend a healthy and balanced diet. A lot of fruit and vegetables should be firmly integrated in your diet, despite the increase in mass. In order to build up muscles, the muscles also have to be fed properly. You will find out what you need to consider for a muscle building nutrition planhere

Eat several small meals

Do you find it difficult to fit the extra calories into your meals? Extremely full plates can also seem overwhelming. If you force yourself to do this, excessive fullness and reluctance to eat can often result. We think the enjoyment should not be lost and therefore recommend dividing your daily calorie requirement into several smaller meals.

Really snacking

If you want to gain weight sustainably, you should always eat when you have an appetite. The right snacks for in between will help you. Rely on nuts, dried fruits, bars or even fruit such as bananas.

Drink your calories

And not with the help of sugared drinks or drinks that are pumped full of artificial additives. But an apple juice spritzer in fine weather or an orange juice in the morning will help you to cheat a few extra calories in the form of fructose on your menu. We are big fans of smoothies because you can process a large amount of fruit and vegetables here. Oatmeal, avocado and Greek yogurt as an extra ingredient make your shake not only wonderfully creamy, but also much more calorie-rich than just fruit and vegetables.

Upgrade your standard meals

Nuts and seeds on your daily salad for lunch or Greek yogurt as a topping in your breakfast porridge. Imagine your daily meals and upgrade them with high calorie but nutrient dense add-ons. Nuts, seeds, oils, yogurt, cheese, agave syrup & Co. are real all-rounders here.

Also put high quality foods

The first association when it comes to gaining weight is often unrestrained eating of sweets & fast food Co. It doesn't matter whether you want to gain weight or lose weight. The basis is always a balanced diet. In this way you not only guarantee long-term success, but also feel good in your body and give it the important nutrients it needs. We'll show you which foods should definitely be on your menu.

5 foods for more mass: weight boosters:


Nuts are full of good fats. And 1g of fat has 9.3 kcal. Accordingly, nuts are ideal for quickly absorbing a lot of calories. In addition, monounsaturated fatty acids ensure normal blood pressure. With a handful of nuts you not only get your necessary calories but also bring a lot of variety to your meals.

Our tip: You are looking for raisins to fill the gap in our nut mix in vain. Instead, you get a snack full to the brim with the highest quality nuts and berries

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Go for the carbs! oatmeal are great to give you right in the morning secure plenty of calories. Either in cereal or as porridge. Then again later in the shake. Just a couple of them fine oatmeal mix in your shake. Finished!

Tip: You are actually full, but still need a few calories? Our Instant Oats dissolve easily in your shake. 380 calories per serving that you don't even notice. Without feeling full. Without chemistry.

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Just like nuts, avocado is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Here, too, the motto applies: Lots of good fat = lots of good calories. Avocado, for example, tastes great on oursProtein bread or as a smaller one Snack for in between on wholemeal toast. Our secret tip: Avocados make your smoothie wonderfully creamy.


You can easily secure a few extra calories with a tablespoon of oil in your food. This is particularly not noticeable in a shake or salad. Make sure that you are using good quality oil, such as linseed oil.

Protein shake

Proteins are important for your muscles. Because only if you consume enough protein, your gains can grow really well *. A protein shake can be prepared in no time. Fits in every pocket. And can be drunk anywhere.

Tip: No protein without milk. That is why you will only find milk from grazing cows in our whey protein. Quality that supports your muscle growth.

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Nut butter

Nut butters are a concentrated load of good fats. They supply your body with important fatty acids. Many calories. Small effort. In our peanut butter you will find 350 peanuts in one glass. That's about 21 peanuts per 1-2 tbsp. You have never snacked so efficiently. Our tip: Simply mix our creamy peanut butter into your porridge.

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Shakes to gain weight

Gaining weight means taking in more calories than you are consuming. That means eating high-calorie meals throughout the day. A lot of time is quickly lost in the kitchen. Drinking calories help you get the carbs you need in no time. Shakes are quick to prepare. And drank even faster.

High calorie shake

Ice-cold like a milkshake. But with power ingredients. The frozen banana provides extra creaminess in the drink.

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Hazelnut Oat Smoothie

The nutty shake for your mass gain. With our Instant oats you can easily create one Excess calories.

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Banana bread smoothie

All Banana bread fans watch out! Here you can secure your gains with the help of our deliciousWhey protein with a refreshing banana taste.

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Protein Mango Lassi

For all the one fruity refreshment searching is ours mango lassi just the thing. The popular drink from India comes with ourhigh quality protein especially for your muscles upgraded again and supports you optimally your muscle building.

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Recipes to gain weight

Not a fan of liquid food? No problem, we have collected our favorite recipes with which you are guaranteed to reach your calorie surplus.

Crunchy Cookies & Cream Breakfast

This sweet breakfast doesn't just look good. Top it off with ingredients of your choice at the end. How about fresh berries and cocoa nibs?

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Protein French toast

The classic reinterpreted. Instead of useless sugar and butter, you use our high-quality whey protein. The extra portion of protein for your muscles is guaranteed! A real power breakfast.

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Sweet Potato Chicken Bowl

A bowl always works! What's the best part about this recipe? Not only is it super tasty, it also provides you with extra calories from all the important macronutrients.

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Our conclusion

To gain mass, it is important to have excess calories. That means you are eating more calories than you are consuming. Try to get your calories in as healthily as possible. High calorie shakes help you to absorb the calories you need quickly and easily. Always remember that targeted training will help you gain weight.

* Replacing saturated fatty acids with mono- and / or polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet helps maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood (Regulation (EU) No. 432/2012)

** Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass (Regulation (EU) No. 432/2012)

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