When is the NBA draft

College basketball player declared for the NBA draft will not get a contract

Basketball is one of two sports where you can first enroll / qualify for the draft, but then return to college (the other is baseball, where the players are not required to provide an explanation and therefore the players have not taken any action to decrease their eligibility, even if they have been drafted - hence, players are often drafted two or three times during their amateur careers.

The NCAA specifically exempts basketball in this note:

Basketball student-athletes can enter the draft of a professional league once during their college career without endangering their eligibility, as long as they are not drafted by a professional team and declare their intention to return to college before the first day of study -Team to play the signing period in the spring, usually in April.

The importance of timing is that the players before the draft which takes place in June , from drafting permission have to withdraw. A player who remains on the draft list but has not been drafted may be able to Not return to NCAA competition. Often times, these players leave the country and go overseas.

This is a relatively new rule (2011); before (2009) it was mid-May. Above all, it is important that coaches are better able to plan scholarships as they are under contract in the spring.

You may not have kept an agent either, although this may change in the future. One of the main problems with the NBA draft is that players feel ready and then they don't get drafted because of bad advice. Agents would have an incentive to encourage input of the draft, so allowing agent contact would be quite complex.