Fa is a consonant

Extended exercises on the double consonants

Words with "cc, kk«Or»currently«Come from the field of foreign words, for example Cappuccino, Monkka, yescurrently, Makkaroni, Macchiato, poohcurrentlyle.

Even words with »hh«Like» Hochhaus «do not belong in the regulation of the double consonant, because here it is a question of a word composition, so it is also with the words with three consecutive consonents.

The first word ends with a consonant doubling and the following word with the same letter. So it comes to three times the same sounds.

Before the new German spelling reform, which has been binding since 2006, a consonance was then deleted, all of which are retained today. However, the writer himself can make it easier to read by placing a hyphen between the words. Well-known words for this are:

flowshipjourney = flow + Ship + journey = flow-Shipjourney / flowship-journey
nutsnail = nut + Snail = nut-Slug

Worksheet collection for words with duplicate sounds

»Exercises that are child's play

to words with double sounds«

  • 15 worksheets with solutions
  • Word list for double consonance
  • Spelling test
  • a total of 40 pages

Application area: Secondary school, special school

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Reading sample of words with double sounds
Exercises for pronunciation and rhyming give a first impression of the entire collection of exercises.
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