How's that for a cover letter

The application for training:
The cover letter

The cover letter - advertising on your own behalf

Applying means promoting yourself. In order to attract attention in the flood of applications, you need an individual cover letter that is precisely tailored to the targeted training position. In the cover letter you slip a bit into the perspective of the HR manager. Help him to classify your personality quickly and to get a clear picture of you.

In the main part of the cover letter, you link directly to the job advertisement. First and foremost, address the requirements that are mentioned in the tender. If you manage to include one or two other job-related skills in the cover letter that are not in the ad - all the better. Name the relevant information about your current school or professional situation, mention your skills and competencies: What are you interested in about the training? Why do you want to learn the chosen profession? What skills do you have that are important for the training?

As far as language and choice of words are concerned: formulate seriously, argue clearly and conclusively - get to the heart of your concern! The HR manager has neither the time nor the inclination to laboriously work through cumbersome nested sentences and twisted formulations in order to get to the core of the message. Ideally, the HR manager immediately understands what appeals to the applicant about the training in question. And of course, all information in an application should not be unrealistically colored, but should always correspond to the attached certificates and evidence.