Why is water wet 2

Water is wet - basic level 2

Rewritable task and solution cards for the 4 German skills:

  • Read
  • Spelling
  • Language viewing
  • Writing of texts

Lovingly adapted to the design of the book “Wasser ist nass”, the Smartbook Mini promotes meaningful reading.

Danger: Can only be used in full in conjunction with the book"Water is wet"!

The exercises in this Smartbook Mini are divided into 3 categories:

  • I - exercises for which the children do not need the book.
  • II - Exercises for which the children should have read the book.
  • III - Exercises for which the children need the book.

There is also an edition for basic level 1: Water is wet - basic level 1

Content of the book:

Water is wet. And much, much more ...

Water is the origin of life, it is a main component of the human body, it carries religious and cultural meaning and it is both a natural and a rare commodity. We use it for drinking, washing, cooking ...
So water is a lot. The two artists Susanne Orosz and Laura Momo Aufderhaar approach this comprehensive topic in a correspondingly diverse manner. On each double page, one aspect of the vital element is examined and presented in more detail: associative, non-fiction-like, literary, experimental, innovative - however it is appropriate and appropriate.
In doing so, they manage to capture these diverse aspects between two book covers in an impressive way, although they are not concerned with completeness or with a wealth of scientific facts. Rather, they want to create a basic awareness of water and its biological, cultural and religious significance.
A completely new kind of picture book.