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“Acidification and Sport” - 2nd part: Avoid muscle acidification

In the first part of the series “Overacidification and sport” we have briefly described how overacidification of the muscles caused by sport can arise. In this second post you will find interesting information about how this form of acidosis (hyperacidity) can be avoided or treated.

Prevent muscle acidification

Sufficient warm-up before the actual exercise is very important. After that, the risk of injury is lower. After warming up, you should adapt your sporting activity to your individual level, so do not put too much strain overnight, otherwise there is a risk of muscle acidification. You should drink enough fluids during and after training. In addition, a base-rich diet, stretching exercises and sufficient regeneration phases between the individual training units are beneficial.

Countermeasures in case of hyperacidity of muscles

In general, you can also use the same preventive measures in the case of muscle acidification that has already developed. Drinking plenty of fluids and stretching will help the body clear away acidic waste products from muscles faster. A warm bath can help reduce the pain as it relaxes the muscles. A base-rich diet is also advisable in order to buffer the excess acid and thus bring the acid-base balance back into balance. For quick relief, you can too Base therapeutics consider from the pharmacy.


A balanced acid-base balance through a balanced and base-rich diet, training adapted to the individual limits, sufficient fluid intake and sufficient recovery times for the body are essential to avoid problems caused by overacidification.

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