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Book recommendation: your price. How to create an offer that matches your value.

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Nobody likes to sell under value. That is why Gebhard Borck, the author of the book “Affenmärchen”, treats in his new book “Your Price. How to create an offer that corresponds to your value “the value-oriented offer and pricing for knowledge workers. A compact book without frills, but all the more inspiration, written in a very refreshing, personal style as a conversation note and a clear reading recommendation for all knowledge workers who use their knowledge and experience right want to sell.

Until the little book by Gebhard Borck fluttered onto my table a few days ago, for me - as probably for most knowledge workers - my entire pricing always depended on one parameter: my daily rate. In the case of service contracts with billing according to expenditure anyway, but also in the case of contracts for work and services, where the expenditure is usually estimated and multiplied by the daily rate. Unfortunately, the focus of the discussion with the customer is often precisely this daily rate and not my contribution to success.

In the end, you have to talk about the price. But only at the end. At the beginning there is the clarification of the assignment in the sense of a benefit analysis in order to be able to “determine the scope, the complexity of the overall task and your share / value in it” structured procedure in five steps: Together with the customer, based on the analysis of the actual situation, goals and standards are defined, the value of the overall project is determined and, finally, your own contribution to the possible success of the project is determined. This benefit analysis then forms the basis for your own value proposition.

The memory of the importance of a comprehensive order clarification together with the customer was particularly valuable to me. And not only to be able to better estimate the scope and then to calculate the price using the daily rate, but rather to determine your own value contribution to the project. The decisive factor for the customer is not how long I need, but what value he receives through my time. The insights into the specific offers and individual parts of the offer are also interesting as inspiration for your own offer process. I found the somewhat exotic Black Swan Agreement in the appendix as an alternative form of settlement by means of a bet particularly exciting.

All in all, a very readable little book that offers a lot of impulses for your own offer. The book will be available from July 1st on Amazon. You can get it a month earlier by pre-ordering it directly from the author. If you don't want to wait until then, you can meet Gebhard Borck at the PM Camp in Stuttgart on May 9th and 10th, where he will give a keynote speech on this topic.

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