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Hi folks, my Benq 40/12/48 produces an error message under Feurio 1.66 before the burn process. The selected driver ... does not belong to the device, choose a different one .... I am not sure what this is about. The current firmware is installed (1.MB). In my opinion, the driver comes from the BS, you can also look it up. I can't find drivers at Benq either, only firmware updates. Although in the heading they talk about firmware and drivers! Most of the time the burning works, but sometimes it doesn't. So far I have pushed that onto the blanks. But recently only every 2nd platinum blank could be burned, so I'm looking for errors. Furthermore, CDROM and CDRW are on the same IDE channel. Feurio complains about that too. My dealer says that would have been a problem in the past, not anymore with the new devices. There are no problems with Nero. But I would very much like to use Feurio. I've been dealing with that for a long time. What is it and what is the difference between firmware and drivers? Greetings V.

Answer 1 from SuperDau

To put it simply:
The Firmware is the BIOS of the respective hardware, driver are the connection between hardware and operating system

Answer 2 from Ede

Burning programs deliver their own drivers for the burners. If your burning prog. is too old, your burner is not supported properly or not at all.
Look for a new version of Feurio, maybe the burning funzt then again properly.


Answer 3 from Redhawk


Feurio is telling you that you have another burner program. "still" installed or had it at some point.
Feurio usually also names the file that leads to this. If this is deleted everything is normal.


Answer 4 from Verrazano


But where can I get a new, more up-to-date driver?


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