How much does a tummy tuck cost

Tummy tuck

After a tummy tuck, patients must save up to eight weeks, and strain the surgical sutures as little as possible. Depending on the severity and extent of the tightening performed, the healing time can be several weeks to a few months.

After the operation, you should sit up slowly with the help of a nurse and only get up under supervision. It is important not to tense the abdominal muscles - neither when going to the toilet nor when coughing. The intestines also have to get used to the restricted space - therefore you should ensure a soft stool.

Do not force yourself to walk upright in the days after the operation, but straighten yourself up so that you do not feel any tension on the scar. You will notice it when you can straighten yourself a little further.

Pain are rather rare, Most patients find the procedure to be rather painless. However, well-tolerated painkillers, tailored to the needs of the patient, are prescribed. In addition, a stomach protection agent should be taken once a day. For the period of inpatient stay, the patients also receive a daily injection for thrombosis prophylaxis. Antibiotics are also prescribed for about one to five days.

After the operation, a plaster bandage protects the wounds, and compresses also fix the area. About it will made-to-measure compression garments still created in the operating room. It prevents the cavities created by the operation from filling with tissue fluid, blood or dissolved fat.

The applied Compression corsets should be worn continuously for six to eight weeks. The bodice is very important because it works against swelling, stabilizes the fresh seams, protects against overloading and relieves the wound. The bodice can be taken off for a short shower, but the wounds must be protected with special shower plasters. If the wounds or the staples become damp anyway, they must be gently blow-dried if necessary. Otherwise, the bodices should be worn day and night, including when sleeping.

The first adhesive plasters should be changed after two to three days. The plasters that are then stuck on can remain on the wounds for five to ten days, provided the wounds are not wet. If you have oozing wounds, a doctor should change the plaster.

Approximately two to three weeks after the operation, all the scabs will have fallen off, then you can treat the scars with silicone gel pads. This is considered to be the best measure to keep beautiful scars after the tummy tuck.

Is a Pregnancy planned, should no tummy tuck be performed.