In which room should a dog sleep?

The right sleeping place for dogs: this is how you will find it

Your dog definitely has its own dog bed, but have you placed it correctly in your four walls? We'll show you the 6 most beautiful sleeping places for dogs, so that your four-legged friend is guaranteed to sleep well.

The sleeping place not only offers the dog the opportunity to find peace and quiet at night, but also to cover the need for sleep throughout the day. Scientific studies have shown that our four-legged friends rest or sleep an average of 20 hours per day, if they get the chance

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6 tips for the perfect sleeping place for dogs

A sleeping dog in its dog bed - sweet idea, right? If it is up to the owner, the dog bed or dog basket stands between the cat scratching post and the fireplace, takes up little space and fits perfectly into the room concept. If the ungrateful four-legged friend then prefers to lie on the carpet or on the cold, uncomfortable tiles, the frustration is often great. Our four-legged friends have their own idea of ​​where they would like to dive into the dream land.

The sleeping area for dogs should have a good all-round view

Dogs generally prefer a sleeping place from which they can keep an eye on people and other conspecifics. Otherwise you would definitely be missing out!

Having your own place is important

There are four-legged friends who feel like playing with others out of deep sleep. Even so, even the most active dog needs a place to go can withdraw when things get stressful and restless. Therefore, you should divide your pets in one room and not let everyone sleep next to each other.

Dogs love a sunny spot

In winter, our darlings enjoy sunbathing just as much as we do. Especially in the cold season you are happy when a few rays of sunshine shine through the window and the happiness hormones are released. In summer, on the other hand, a rather shady spot is popular.

The ambient temperature must also be adjusted for a relaxed nap. The dog bed should therefore not be placed directly next to a freezer or an oven. Strong drafts should also be avoided.

Pleasant material: Fluffy and cuddly is preferred by dogs

Regardless of whether it is a dog bed or a dog sofa, it must not scratch the dog under any circumstances, otherwise it is not a suitable place to feel comfortable. The dog must not be able to get caught with its claws and the material should feel good on the skin.

Dogs love fluffy sleeping places with higher sides where they have a chance to rest their head and relax 100%.

For dogs with joint problems, there are even special dog mattresses that are gentle on the joints.

The perfect size for the dog sleeping area

Every dog ​​should have enough space in their dog basket or dog bed to be able to relax perfectly. A Yorkshire Terrier on an XXL dog bed looks rather out of place, whereas a large German Shepherd needs a larger area.

Where is the ideal place for the dog basket?

Our four-legged friends are pack animals and are always looking for closeness to people. The best place for the dog to sleep should therefore be chosen so that the Dog feels part of the family.