Is Wikipedia an acceptable source for research

Which sources can I use in my thesis?

There is a lot of work involved in a bachelor's or master's thesis. Therefore, it is especially important that you use good sources that support your reasoning.

It is not for nothing that Google Scholar's slogan is: “On the shoulders of giants”. This indicates that your work builds on previous studies.

What is a good source?

In science, articles from scientific journals are considered good sources. Articles from these journals are therefore also suitable for use in your bachelor or master thesis. Therefore, when searching for literature, always try to search for these articles first, for example via Google Scholar.

Difference between technical college and university

Universities pay very close attention to the type of sources you use in your bachelor's or master's thesis. A thesis for the university must therefore primarily be based on articles from scientific journals. In our experience, more types of sources are allowed in the university of applied sciences. This is also due to the fact that work from the university is often very theory-heavy, while technical college students are more and more often carrying out practical investigations (in companies).

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What kind of source can I use?

We advise you to use mainly scientific articles for the reasoning. If you cannot find any or only few scientific articles on your topic, you may be able to use non-scientific sources. However, these should be trustworthy in any case. A good example of this is a report.

When it comes to highlighting the topicality of your topic or justifying your choice of topic, the scientific background of the source is less important. You can also use newspaper articles for this.

Frequently used sources

Scientific journals (example APA standard)

An article from a scientific journal describes scientific studies. These articles provide an overview of the latest research: study history, type of studies already published, and need for further research.

Before a study is published, the article is examined very carefully by an editorial board. The requirements for publishing a scientific article are very high, which makes these articles particularly trustworthy.