How to make a paper doll

How to make paper dolls

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Devote yourself to agreement creative activities is a very relaxing hobby and fun. Knowing how many objects can be created with all kinds of materials can really stunn you. Each object can become something else or can be used to create other forms with a few simple steps. the Paper dollsfor example, they have a worldly origin. At the beginning of last century They were used for that fun of the little ones so that they can have fun in a creative and original way. Redesigning this free time could put your entire game on the line manual and inventive. We see in this regard how to properly make paper dolls.


  • White sheets
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Colours.

Draw the shape of the doll

The first step is to take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. With this you need to draw the shape of the doll that you want to draw. You can very well inspire you with precise and already printed drawings or let your imagination run wild. After cutting, describe the various characteristics of the doll, such as: B. the facial features. At this point you can use the colors to color the different parts of the body in their exact shade. Underwear can also be drawn on the outline.

Dress the doll as you wish

Clothing can be of any type. Long or short skirts, pants, T-shirts or blouses can be pulled onto the remaining white sheets before you let your creativity and originality run free. With glitter or glitter on clothes, they can be made even more original and original. After finishing the work, the doll can be dressed according to her wishes by laying her clothes on the surface relative to them. When you play there, these dolls will reveal a healthy pastime that parents can bond with their children.

Cut the edges with the tape

If you want to make a paper doll, take a piece of cardboard and draw the shape of the doll. Cut it out and fill it with cotton or paper towels. Secure the ends of the doll with the stapler or tape. Color the hair with the watercolors of the desired color and enrich the doll's clothes with accessories such as pearls or colored buttons. Clothes can be covered with colored crepe paper. Finish the edges with the tape and glue it with hot glue. Add a small paper clip to the doll's head or make a brightly colored hat with cardboard.


Never forget:

  • Add a small paper clip to the doll's head or make a brightly colored hat with cardboard.
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