Is a video game remake profitable

Soon games can no longer be distinguished from reality

Technology in the gaming space advances relentlessly. This will also show with the new generation of consoles, which should enable even better graphics. But can a game graphic ever be photorealistic?

The Xbox One X as well as the PS5 will allow a resolution of up to 8K. Among other things, this raises the question of when the resolution and graphics of games will be so good that the human eye can no longer perceive the difference between the virtual world and reality. This question was recently investigated in the podcast "AIAS Game Maker's Notebook", where founder and CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney was also a guest.

According to Sweeney, who became known for his work on the Unreal Engine, Epic Games is already very close to enabling photorealistic graphics. But where there is still progress to be made is the representation of people. Many games manage to create an almost photo-realistic landscape, but fail when it comes to realistically depicting facial expressions and emotions.

“We have a very sophisticated system in the brain for recognizing faces, intentions and emotions. So it will be a big challenge to implement this realistically in games, ”says Sweeney.

To make progress in this area, Epic Games bought 3Lateral Studio in 2019. This specializes in the digital representation of people and also uses motion capture technologies to realistically record people's movements.

Games are photorealistic in less than 10 years

Sweeney also names the financial aspect as a major hurdle. Because in principle a lot more would be possible today in terms of graphics in video games, but this is not yet profitable with today's technologies. However, he assumes that with the current pace of innovation, games could still look photo-realistic in this decade.

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