Is BITS easier than Mains

"Take it easy" makes life easier:
Find the right tool quickly

Cologne / Wuppertal. Many screwing professionals know the problem: the search for the right bit often takes longer than the actual screwing process. But that's over now, because the Wuppertal screwdriver specialist Wera, known for its innovative ideas, presented a new “Take it easy” tool finder at the 2016 International Hardware Fair in Cologne.

Wera is now doing colorful things      
The people at Wera love to question supposed standards again and again - with the aim of making users' lives easier, safer and “full of joy”. After the basic considerations for ratchets and open-end wrenches, Wera has now taken on the bits. Screw in - screw out, that's the right to exist for bits. What else can you think about? Very simple: the new Wera tool finder “Take it easy” makes finding the right bit super easy. Colored banderoles according to profiles make it easier to find the right output. For example, the color red stands for the Philipps or PH output. An additional size stamp ensures that the profiles can be easily distinguished. All bits from Wera's top lines, such as Impaktor, Stainless, Diamant or BiTorsion, are now equipped with this identification so that the user can now find the right bit even faster and easier.

"Take it easy" also for screwdriving tools
The renowned German Design Award, for which you cannot apply yourself, is only awarded to products, their manufacturers and designers who have proven that they are actually groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape. The German Design Council only invites products to participate that have demonstrably differentiated themselves from the competition in advance through their design quality. Wera was not only invited, but also received the coveted award. The award ceremony will take place on February 12, 2016 as part of the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt am Main.

Why does Wera care about packaging?
But that's not all: once the product developers were on the move, they also transferred the tool finder to other screwdriving tools from the range. Open-ended spanners, nuts, bit sockets and angle wrenches were also placed under the “Take it easy” roof. In addition to their embossing, the open-end wrenches also received a color bar to visually differentiate the sizes. In the case of the nuts and bit nuts, in addition to the stamping, an additional color zone shows the respective size. The following rule applies to all tools: same size - same color, each standard for hexagon socket screws, hexagon socket screws and Torx® screws. In the case of open-end wrenches and nuts, z. B. Green the wrench size 13 mm. This means that every tool can now be clearly assigned to the respective size with just a quick glance.