What if Dabura turned Gohan to stone?


Kuririn (Japanese ク リ リ ン, Kuririn) is a very calm person and Son Goku's best friend. He is bald and is also very small.

  • Name: Kuririn
  • Age: 13 years in the 3rd volume
  • Gender Male
  • Race: human
  • Hair color: black (comes later)
  • Family: (wife) Cyborg 18, (daughter) Marron
  • Hobbies: Watching Muten-Roshi's porno magazines.
  • Combat trainer: Muten-Roshi, Master Quince and God
  • Was killed by: Tambourine, Freezer, Eaten by Super Boo, Super 17
  • First publication: Volume 3 / Chapter 25
  • Special features: It has no nose and compared to the other Z Fighters it is also quite small.


Kuririn's trademark are his six points on his forehead. These signs represent a reference to his past, where he lived as a child in the Auakin Monastery.


After Goku is recognized by Muten-Roshi as a student, a short time later a little boy appears on a boat, which makes a giant jump and lands on the island. It is, of course, about Kuririn, who also wants to be taught by Muten-Roshi. For this he shows him his Playboy collection, whereupon Muten-Roshi also recognizes him as a student. Over time, Goku and Kuririn become best friends.

After training, Kuririn took part in the 21st Grand Tournament. There he made it to the semi-finals, but failed there against his own master Mutenroshi. After the tournament he had to say goodbye to his friends and he stayed with Mutenroshi. He also took part in the 22nd Grand Tournament, in the quarterfinals he managed to defeat Chao-Zu, the protégé of the Lord of the Cranes. In the semifinals, however, he narrowly failed to Son Goku. At the end of the tournament he is killed by Tambourine, a servant of Piccolo's devil. He is later resuscitated by the Dragon Balls.

In the three years up to the 23rd major tournament, he will travel the world with Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Chao-Zu, training hard. At the 23rd big tournament, he met Piccolo's son in the quarter-finals and was defeated, although he has now mastered many good techniques.

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan saga

When the two Saiyajins arrived, after extensive training in God's palace, he fought against them to hold them off until Son Goku arrived. Krillin got very pissed off when a plant man grabbed Yamcha and blew himself up. So he immediately phoned the Saiyans. After a while, the Z group got into conversation with Vegeta and talked about Goku. Vegeta gave them three hours to emerge, otherwise they wanted to destroy the earth. But Son Goku didn't make it in time and they had to hold out until he was back. That was close, because Piccolo also lost his life. Shortly before the end, Son Goku appeared and fought the two. But when Vegeta turned into a wereaffe, he had no chance and Gohan and Krillin returned to help him. They tried to sever his tail, but they couldn't. When they had lost hope, Yajirobi appeared and cut off Vegeta's tail. From now on, Son Gohan fought the Sayajin prince. Meanwhile, Son Goku gave Krillin, the powers of the Genkidama. But the prince noticed this. So Vegeta jumped up and was just able to avoid her, but now she was flying towards Gohan. But this one had got the instruction from his father to let the Genkidama ricochet off him and he succeeded, but Vegeta survived this attack. When Son Gohan turned into a were monkey, he had no chance, but he still managed to sever his tail with the last of his strength. As he was turning back, he fell on top of him and he had to flee, but Krillin still got him, but he let him go at the request of his best friend.

Freezer saga

After Vegeta left and all of her friends were killed, Bulma, Son Gohan and Kuririn decided to travel to Namek with God's spaceship to find the Dragon Balls. After some difficulty, they came up with Namek. There they unfortunately had to find out that Vegeta and someone with a gigantic fighting strength were there too. After a brave effort, they managed to save a Namek child named Dende. They were followed by Dodoria, an assistant to Freezer. They could, however, hang him down by a sun attack.

Dende told them about the chief elder and Kuririn decided to go there with him. The chief elder was able to awaken Kuririn's hidden powers. He also got a dragon ball from him. Then he flew back to Bulma and Son Gohan, but did not notice that Vegeta could sense his energy and was chasing him. To ensure her survival, he gave Vegeta his dragon ball.

In the fight against Freezer's Ginyu Sonderkommando, he went up against Guldo with Son Gohan, but they were almost killed and Vegeta saved them. Kuririn then tried to attack Rekoom, but was quickly eliminated.

In the fight against Freezer in its second form, he was impaled and almost killed, but Dende was able to cure him. Then he attacked Freezer with an energy discus and thus severed his tail. He later distracted Freezer so that Dende Son Gohan could heal.

After Freezer was hit by Son Gokus Genkidama and survived, he killed Kuririn as revenge. However, he was resuscitated by the dragon Polunga and brought to earth.

Cyborg saga

After Trunks had reported the arrival of the cyborgs, Kuririn decided to train with Mutenroshi on the island. But that is not easy for him, as he is often distracted from him and his "booklet". After three years, he meets with the entire group on the island southwest of the southern capital to wait for the cyborgs. As a C-20 aka Dr. Gero flees to his laboratory, Kuririn meets him first and is embroiled in a brief fight. However, Dr. Gero and Kuririn discovered the laboratory. He calls the others over with a burst of energy.

After Vegeta challenges C-18 to a fight and his defeat is in sight, the entire Z group intervenes. Only Kuririn does not dare and stands there petrified. After the entire Z group was eliminated, he too fears having to believe in it, but the cyborgs spare him and even recommend that the fighters quickly give him the magic beans. In a conversation with the cyborgs, Kuririn learns that their only goal is to kill Son Goku. He already suspects that C-16 could not be a bloodthirsty cyborg.

Cell saga

After Cell's arrival, Trunks and Kuririn Dr. Destroy Gero's laboratory and thus destroy Cell. They discover a blueprint for C-17 that will help Bulma develop a remote control to deactivate the cyborgs. After training Trunks and Vegeta in the space of spirit and time, Kuririn receives the remote control from Bulma. When he arrives at the scene of the battle, he finds that C-17 has already been absorbed. He is thus forced to deactivate and destroy C-18. However, he fell in love with her and after a long internal argument he decided to destroy the remote control. At the same moment, Cell discovers C-18 and manages to absorb it and thus become perfect. Kuririn is the first to feel Cell's new strength and almost dies with a light kick. Trunks can just heal him. Subsequently, he had great remorse about his stupidity in destroying the remote control.

During the Cell Games, Cell spat out 18C after a great loss of energy. Kuririn takes care of her afterwards. After Son defeats Gohan Cell, everyone leaves for the palace of God, when C-18 wakes up she is not very enthusiastic about Kurrin's care and rejects him. She still watches how Kuririn wishes that the bomb be removed from her body.

Boo saga

Kururin has changed a lot since the fight against Cell, he has grown his hair in the 7 years and is surprisingly in a relationship with C-18. It used to be that she didn't like him, why she got involved with him remains unexplained. With her he also has a daughter named Marron. When Gohan tells him about the 25th big tournament and that Son Goku will also take part there, he decides to take part. The prize money also played a role. He competes in the first fight against Punta, which he easily defeats. After Spoppowitch and Yamuh attack Son Gohan and they all set off with the Kaioshin to follow them, he accompanies the others. At Babidi's spaceship, everyone is attacked by Dabura and Kuririn is turned to stone by his spit. After eating Dabura, Boo turns back. He flees to God's palace with Piccolo, Son Goten and Trunks. When Boo is able to escape the space of spirit and time in the fight against Gotenks, Kuririn wants to protect his family by all means, but, like everyone else, is turned into chocolate and eaten. Then he observes the fight between Boo of the Z group with the help of Master Kaio.

When Kid Boo appears in the afterlife, Kuririn manages to cut him in half with the help of his energy discus. However, it regenerates immediately. Just as Boo wants to destroy the afterlife, he feels the auras of Son Goku and Vegeta and disappears. After defeating him, Polunga brings him back to life.


Super 17 saga

In Dragon Ball GT, Kuririn fights against C-17, but is powerless against him and is killed by him. This fight was Kuririn's final combat action.

Devil dragon saga

In the last episode of Dragon Ball GT, Son Goku appears one last time on Muten-Roshi's island and the two fought a little against each other. Kuririn didn't want to fight him at first, he said that he was now an old, frail man, but Son Goku was still able to persuade him. When Son Goku collects Kuririn's right hook, he says that this blow is just as strong as it was before.