Are girls really smarter than boys?

Are girls smarter than boys? Part 1: the girls

DETLEF BERG taught and researched at the Otto Friedrich University in
Bamberg. Germany's only professor of school psychology, who has been retired since October 2008, considers girls to be less aggressive in class.

SZ children's life:Mr. Berg, in 2003 nine percent of all students in Germany left school without any qualifications. Did boys or girls predominate?
Detlef Berg: About 60 percent were boys and 40 percent were girls.

How many students repeat a class?

About three percent, 250,000 children a year. That costs the state around 1.25 billion euros per year. There are only a few countries in Europe that can even afford to have children 'stay seated'.

What about the distribution of boys and girls?
Here, too, the young predominate. The same applies to the special schools for people with learning disabilities. Is that only the case in Germany?
No, abroad they have only been concerned with boys' problems at school for longer than here.

Have these problems always existed?
In 1970, of the children who graduated from high school, 60 percent were boys and 40 percent were girls. But since 1989/1990, more girls have graduated from high school than boys.

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Does gender play a role?
If boys are so much more likely to fail at school than girls, there must be a reason that doesn't lie in the person. You can no longer individualize that.

Are Girls Smarter?
In Rhineland-Palatinate, there was even a state parliament request as to whether girls were smarter. Isn't that bad? But what's worse is that the guys will soon believe it themselves.

Why do you believe that?
Boys and girls are more and more often confronted with expectations that suggest to them even before they start school that boys have physical superiority, but girls have intellectual superiority. The subsequent success or failure is already determined here. For example, the claim that girls are worse at math has something to do with the fact that girls go to school with exactly this expectation. The parents support the attitude, and the math teachers also say that girls are not very good at arithmetic.

Can you change that?
Investigations were carried out in Munich as to whether these expectations can be changed in a targeted manner. This can be. And what happened?
The girls got better at math!

Do girls and boys go to school with the same requirements?
They come to school with different life experiences and with different temperaments. In addition, girls are more advanced in their intellectual development at the age of six. Even in kindergarten they prefer to play mother-father-child, boys romp in the sandpit. Girls looked more into books; empathy, understanding of the feelings of others, is greater with them. It's something teachers can do a lot with, something they reward in school.

What happens to the boys?
Boys learn very quickly that school is a lousy place for them. They are not allowed to move much, that is difficult for them. They can't do a lot of things that girls can already do. And teachers usually use the girls as a yardstick.

Are girls smarter?
You are smarter at school. Girls can cut out, draw straight lines, keep things together. Those who do not bring such requirements to school sometimes meet teachers who are insane
become. Those who start screaming or properly punish messy, disorganized children - although the screaming alone is one of them
horrible punishment is. Because if the guys can't do that, it's not because they're stupid or mean, it's just that they haven't learned it yet. They have to be taught!

Do girls have other advantages?
The teachers' fear of losing control plays an important role. If your lessons are disturbed, you lose control of the timing and you have the feeling that you can't manage the amount of material. Then a boy like that comes along and gives a stupid answer when you ask him something. Oh, he knows nothing and stops her. In any case, time is running out. So teachers prefer to ask girls.

Girls often don't pay attention either, but rather chat.
But they don't fidget, the teacher makes headway. There are studies on the frequency of learning difficulties. An important finding is that boys are more likely to experience behavioral problems than girls - namely those that go outside, that are actively disruptive.

But how do girls get better grades?
You let them finish speaking more often. The effect is that they feel better treated than the boys.

Is that why you work better with us?
Naturally. But the boys would do the same if their kind, their boy kind, were included in the classroom more. The lessons could be designed in such a way that motor restlessness is absorbed, that movement is possible in between and that the children do not feel so tied up. O that one could deal with other content.

Are girls and boys really interested in different content?
Yes. Interest is not simply aroused either - interest only arises when you know something. But for that you would have to bring more topics to school that boys can also relate to. Then existing desire for interest could be deepened.

What would girls' topics be?
"Housekeeping". Greater social competence has to do with the fact that they like to deal with such things.

Does that have something to do with temperament too?
Girls are more considerate. Boys tell their counterparts the opinion
no matter how the other might feel about it. Girls don't do that, it can always be seen clearly. This is confirmed internationally, in Asia as well as in the USA.

Are there better characters for girls to identify with?
You mean the feminization of education in Germany? Most
Teachers at primary schools are female teachers, and the male quota is around ten percent. That has something to do with the salary, of course. The professions in which women predominate are usually paid less.

Will that change if girls keep getting good degrees?
It is still said that girls are rare in academic careers
represented. But when you consider the professorships of men and women
If you look, you will find that there are now more women than men
be appointed when women apply for the position.

Are there subjects that are extremely girl-heavy?
Psychology, education, medicine. Or food technology, that is
a science degree, and girls shine at it. Also in
Subjects such as business administration and computer science are increasing their share significantly.
Something has changed a lot in the last few years.

Do we have to seriously worry about the future of the boys?
One should by no means accept the increasing problems that boys have and cause, but rather perceive them. You have to try to catch the young so that they can succeed. You shouldn't just see boys or girls, but people with different requirements that you just have to take as they are. That would be the real job of the teacher.