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Which personality type are you?

Do you see the big picture? Or are you more of an introvert? Find the job that suits your personality.

If you're not sure which career path to take, taking a personality test can help you find out which personality types you belong to. One of the best-known is the Myers Briggs personality test, also known as the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI for short).

The test was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers to help American women find a job that suits their personalities during World War II. Although this is less of a career assessment and more of a personality assessment, the MBTI gives you information about:

  • In which environment you feel most comfortable (introverted vs. extraverted)
  • How to best learn (sensing vs. intuition)
  • How you make decisions (Thinking vs. Feeling)
  • How you perceive your surroundings (judging vs. perceiving)

Your answers in the four main categories will give you a four-digit combination of letters that describes your personality (there are 16 personality types in total). Now you can find out which job suits you best and how you prefer to work.


Your personality type: Find your four letters


Your personality type consists of four letters, each from the four main categories. Which of the following characteristics best describes you?


Introverted vs. Extraverted

Do you draw energy from the presence and interaction of other people? Are you more of the sociable type? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then you are “E” for extrovert. Introverts prefer to think and reflect when they are alone. You enjoy the time to yourself or prefer smaller groups. If that applies to you, then you are an "I".


Sensing vs. intuition

This category tells you how to absorb information. With the "S" types, everything revolves around their five senses - they focus on the things that they can actually perceive with their own eyes. These personality types are factual and detail-oriented and look for practical solutions. On the other hand there is the “N” -type, who relies on his intuition, that is, on his gut feeling. People of this type have more abstract ideas, tend to focus more on the big picture and like to solve problems.


Thinking vs. feeling

When it comes to making important decisions, there are usually two approaches. The first type (“T”) makes decisions by relying on logical explanations and facts to always be informed and straightforward to act. In contrast to this, there are the “F” types, the emotional people who listen to their hearts and carefully weigh up what influence their decisions could have on others, as they bring along a large portion of empathy.


Judgment vs. Perception

The last category deals with the question of how important structure and order are to you. The “judging” types - the judges - like to make to-do lists and tend to work with specific, well-organized plans. The personality types “P” - the perceptors - are more open, flexible and prefer an appropriate work-life balance.


Would you like to find out which personality type you belong to? You can do the "16-Personalities-Test" here for free: To the test!



Which personality type do you belong to and which job suits you?


ISTJ: Logistician


ISTJs rely on logic, are characterized by a structured, organized way of working and reliability and loyalty are not foreign words for these personalities. They don't cope with change that well and may not be the most creative minds, but they tick off their to-do lists like no other.

Jobs for ISTJ:


ISFJ: Defender


ISFJs have a high work ethic and do their jobs dutifully. Personality types of this kind are emphatic, loyal and value a harmonious environment in which everyone appreciates one another.

Jobs for ISFJs:


INFJ: Attorney


INFJs enjoy building deep relationships with other people and enjoy working in industries that serve the common good.


INTJ: architect


These personality types are smart and have high demands on their work and that of others. You need to work independently and are always ready to learn something new. The great self-confidence of the INTJs can sometimes be confused with arrogance.

Jobs for INTJs:


ISTP: virtuoso


ISTPs are often quieter personalities who first carefully observe their surroundings in order to then find their own solutions. When they need to solve a problem, they rely on data and facts. In addition, they quickly get bored, which is why they are always on the lookout for new challenges and variety.

Jobs for ISTPs:


INFP: mediator


INFPs are idealists and keen to pursue a profession that is in harmony with their personal values. These personality types score with creativity, understand abstract concepts and have an eye for new trends.

Jobs for INFPs:


INTP: Logician


These guys have an eye for the big picture, can be a little disorganized at times, but are bursting with creativity. They adapt well and with their analytical and abstract mindset they are able to solve complex problems.

Jobs for INTPs:


ESTP: Entrepreneur


Here we are talking about energetic problem solvers who say: learning by doing. You want interesting tasks and are not afraid to take risks, to live in the here and now and to be among people.

Jobs for ESTPs:


ESFP: entertainer


ESFPs are sociable people who love to work with and learn from others. They are real “office cheerleaders” who always have a bit of fun flowing into their working day. Despite this, they are conscientious and good employees.

Jobs for ESFPs:


ENFP: activist

These personality types are imaginative and optimistic. They are very good at communicating, good leaders and learn by doing. In addition, they are characterized by their high adaptability and are ready for use when you need them.

Jobs for ENFPs:


ENTP: Debater


ENTPs are resourceful and problem solvers who do not mince words. In addition, they can see through people very well. Everyday routines and structured companies are not for them. These personality types need innovation and change.

Jobs for ENTPs


ESTJ: Executive


ESTJs are all about efficiency and organization with the goal of getting results. You are a planner and manage to get others on board to do the job in the best possible way.

Jobs for ESTJs:


ESFJ: Consul


These personality types enjoy working in teams and in a harmonious work environment in which everyone lends a hand. They are organized, loyal, and happy to help others through their work.

Jobs for ESFJs:


ENFJ: protagonist


ENFJs care about the needs of others and can empathize with others. “The protagonist” acts in a socially responsible manner and likes to work in groups for the common good.

Jobs for ENFJs:


ENTJ: Commander


ENTJ are goal-oriented personalities who do not find it difficult to make tough decisions. As managers, they recognize problems, find solutions and are happy to share their knowledge with others. Sometimes they can come across as a bit strict.

Jobs for ENTJs:


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