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How to remove mold from interior walls

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Mold is a fungus that reproduces using spores and bacteria. It is very harmful to health and, in addition to allergy problems, can seriously affect the airways (Kinds of Children). It initially appears as Agglomeration of small black spotsto then slowly turn into large dark spots. Main causes of mold are: condensation, insufficient insulation thermal, poor ventilation and heating habits of the house. The mold will cause the paint to chalk and if not removed properly it can also break up the plaster of paris completely. In this quick guide, I'll explain in detail how to remove that Mold from the interior walls in a few easy steps, so I recommend reading this short article to find out how. Warning: This is a guide below for informational purposes onlySo I don't think so Responsibility for use who will do it

Use water-based anti-mold paints

There are several methods and products that you can use to prevent mold. Until a few years ago, we removed it with denatured alcohol or bleach. Nowadays there are innovative and specific products on the market such as water-based liquids and anti-mold paints: the former are sterilizers that are moved past the walls to remove mold (they can also be mixed with water-based varnish), the latter are often used in low-noise environments to ventilate and prevent condensation in a home environment.

Clean the walls with anti-mold liquid

The first step in removing the mold is to clean the affected wall with the appropriate anti-mold liquid: strictly wear a mask and keep all windows and doors open while you work for maximum ventilation. Do not scratch the walls with spatulas or brushes as you run the risk of the spores spreading in the area. Let it dry thoroughly. If after 24 hours the form has deteriorated paint and plaster of paris, proceed to remove the parts and putty. At this point, you can proceed with the water-based paint and then apply two coats thoroughly (remember to wait for the paint to dry completely between one coat of the other). Finish the job after a day or two with a coat of anti-mold additive specific for wipers.

Avoid mold growth

First of all, you should learn to ventilate the premises daily and avoid condensation (for example, by hanging clothes at home). In the most severe cases, structural changes must be made that allow optimal insulation of the house. In the case of very cold walls, the insulation must be improved by insulating the wall with a thermal coating from the outside, while in the case of the inner walls it is necessary to intervene when laying insulating plasterboard. However, this assessment is always good for an industry expert who can best advise you on your particular case.


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