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إنه فخ هذا فخ
It is a trap, Solomon!
It is a trap, Solomon!
It said that is a trap.
الجزء الذي يقول "ملاحظة" هذا فخ ؟
Dean, that is a trap.
أنت من العائلة - (هذا فخ يا (دين -
The is a trap the Decepticons.
It is a trap, Logan.
Fisherman that is a trap.
The is a trap, Ragnar.
You will be there. Nate, that is a trap.
عليكَ أن تكون هناك ، (نيت) ، إنّه فخ) -
No, go away, that is a trap!
He knows it is a trap.
It is a trap, stay away, don't look for me.
إنه فخ، ابقوا بعيداً ، ولا تبحثوا عنّي
Vaughn, I think that is a trap!
The is a trap, Man.
The is a trap! No, I swear to you.
Don't, Solomon, it is a trap.
No that is a trap and poaching is prohibited!
لا, إنه فخ و صيد جائر ضد القانون
That's exactly what they want it to be is a trap!
هذا ما يريدونه تماماً ، إنه فخ!
When he sees or hears someone, he knows it is a trap.
لو رأى شيئاَ أو سمع أحداَ سيعلم أنه فخ
BLAKE: That is a trap! Get everyone out!
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