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Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, grace, passion and desire. She is married to Hephaestus, whom she constantly cheats on with other men, especially the god of war Ares.

History [edit | Edit source]

The two most famous myths about her birth:

She is the daughter of Dione and Zeus or she is made of the bloody sea foam that rose around the genitals of Uranus, which was thrown into the sea by Kronos. This theory would also justify their nickname "The Foam Born".

She likes to help male gods who have fallen in love with mortals.

Symbols: Dove, shell, belt, swan, mirror

Roman name:Venus

Percy Jackson series Edit source]

Thieves in Olympus Edit source]

It is mentioned that Aphrodite is constantly cheating on her husband Hephaestus with Ares. That is why he is constantly designing new traps to best catch his wife and the god of war in the act and to embarrass her in front of the other gods.

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase fall into one of these traps when they retrieve the Shield of Ares. Percy finds Aphrodite's scarf, but Annabeth snatches it from him before he can inhale the goddess' perfume and his senses are clouded. Annabeth takes the scarf to Camp Half-Blood.

The Titan's Curse [edit | Edit source]

Percy Jackson meets Aphrodite and Ares outside the junkyard in the desert. She says she has a keen interest in his love life and that his efforts to save Annabeth are very sweet. She also admits that she doesn't make Percy's love life easy so it doesn't get boring.

The two later meet again at the Olympic Council on the winter solstice. Together with Demeter, she demands that Apollo should continue his haiku. She votes for Thalia and Percy not to be killed.

The battle for the labyrinth Edit source]

When Percy lands with Kalypso on her island / prison Ogygia, he is of the opinion that Kalypso is prettier than Aphrodite, but he would never tell the goddess that for fear she would turn him into a heap of ashes because of it.

He also suspects that it was the goddess of love who sent him to Calypso, presumably to add excitement to his love life (Aphrodite believes that Percy and Annabeth make the perfect, new, dramatic pair of lovers. Such a couple would have been for centuries no longer given. She believes it is urgently time for a new dramatic love story). Later, however, Percy finds out that Hera sent him to the island.

The last goddess Edit source]

After Kronos was defeated and Annabeth was named the architect of Olympus, Aphrodite joins Apollo and says that many of her figures should stand on Olympus too.

Heroes of Olympus series Edit source]

The vanished demigod [edit | Edit source]

She appears to Piper in a dream. Mother and daughter are in Medea's shop and Aphrodite is looking at the clothes. After a short conversation, the contact ends. In this conversation she tells Piper, among other things, that her children are often not recognized as real heroes and, as a counterexample, names Aeneas as "ancestors of Rome". She equips all of Piper's companions with new clothes. Except for Jason: Aphrodite says that there is nothing that can be improved on the son of Jupiter.

The sign of Athena [edit | Edit source]

She meets with Piper, Annabeth, and Hazel in a park in Charleston. During this meeting, Annabeth sees her as a woman with long curly brown hair and she is wearing a pink lace dress. She invites the girls to coffee and cake and tries to persuade Annabeth and Hazel to let her make over them. The goddess also tells of the beginning of the American Civil War on Fort Sumter (an island off Charleston) and of a ball and its participants. She also reveals to Annabeth that she can find the map that can lead her to the sign of Athena on Fort Sumter.

In the film [edit | Edit source]

In the film, Aphrodite was played by Serinda Swan.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Since Aphrodite always corresponds exactly to the ideal of beauty of her counterpart, her true appearance is unknown. For example when she appears for Annabeth in The Sign of Athena as a woman with long brown locks that Annabeth wants.

Children [edit | Edit source]

Immortal children Edit source]

father Children)
AresAnteros (spurned love), Eros (love), Harmonia, (harmony), Himeros (longing), Deimos (horror),
Phobos (fear)
DionysusCharites (Aglaia, Euphrosyne, Thalia), Hymenaios,

Demigod children Edit source]