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White zombies are one of the phenomena of the MTV era. Rob Zombie, whose real name is Robert Cummings, head of this freak show and the number one source of ideas, has a pronounced weakness for trash horror of the brand "Zombies kidnap Dr. Frankenstein's mother-in-law" or similar nonsense. You can see that in the outfit of the horror metallers and the artwork of the records (designed by Rob Zombie himself) follows these guidelines.

The music of the white zombies can be pigeonholed if you take a pinch of heavy guitar boards from Ministry, mix it with the theatricality of an Alice Cooper and add a portion of clich├ęs from metal as the icing on the cake.

In 1992 two comic characters sat in front of the television and once again provided videos with comments of the brand "That's Cool ..." or "That Chick Should Sit On My face". The name of the two: Beavis And Butthead. While the video for "Thunder Kiss 65" was running, the two hollow heads gave the go-ahead for the zombies' success with a simple "White Zombie Is Cool". As a result, to be "in" you had to have at least one record of the Sludgerocker in your closet.

White Zombie alone does not make you happy, unless Rob Zombie was and is active in other fields in his main band. In addition to his main job as a freak, he also works as a cartoonist and director. Originally, Zombie was supposed to direct the second part of "The Crow", which was not possible due to scheduling reasons.

Meanwhile, White Zombie have broken up and Rob is walking solo. Actually, not very much has changed. The music has stayed the same, the image of the Host Of Horror has not been shed and the booklets are also paved with Pin Up Girls, as it should be for a real Rob Zombie.