Can I use highlighter for board exams?

The interactive whiteboard (SMART Board)

There is a SMART board in all seminar rooms® (interactive whiteboard) is available that can help you implement interactive teaching scenarios and make teaching more dynamic. The SMART Board has a touch-sensitive surface and is operated with a finger or a special pen. It enables you to navigate through websites and programs, insert, move and change content on blank pages, write and draw on pages and carry out tasks and exercises together with students.

To switch on and off

The SMART Board is switched on / off on the left of the Smartboard strip. If the SMART Board is switched on, the control lamp lights up green. The SMART Board is then touch-enabled and any application that is installed on the lecturer's PC can be opened directly on the SMART Board.

If you only want to use the SMART Board as a projection screen, you do not need to turn on the SMART Board.

    First steps
    1. Determine whether the SMART Board is switched on in order to be able to use the full range of functions.

    2. Place the two pens and the sponge in the smart board strip provided for this purpose so that the system can recognize the pen and the sponge.

    Note: So that you can use your finger like a mouse pointer without any problems, make sure that the "Cursor" in the left navigation bar is activated. If something else is selected here, tap "Cursor" once with your finger to reassign the mouse function to the finger.

    Open programs and create annotations

    Open programs

    Programs can be opened right from the SMART Board by using your finger like a mouse pointer to click and open programs. The sensitive touch surface of the SMART Board reacts to every movement you make directly on the SMART Board.


    To write in documents or applications on the SMART Board, you can choose from four colors in the board bar: black - red - green - blue. Press the appropriate color key, then take the pen from the board bar and write your notes in the document or application.

    More colors and pen properties: The SMART Ink dynamic toolbar:

    If you want to select other colors in addition to the standard colors and want to change the pen thickness and type of pen, use the "dynamic toolbar of SMART Ink". This spherical menu is visible on both the monitor and the SMART Board as soon as the PC in the classroom is turned on. You can drag the menu to any position by tapping and dragging it with your finger or the stylus.

    The dynamic toolbar of SMART Ink is operated with the pen and defines what the pen should be or do.

    Click with the pen in the center of the circle and select the pen color and thickness as well as the pen type (e.g. highlighter, text pen, calligraphic pen, magic pen, etc.). To apply the setting, click once in the center of the circle with the pen. The pen has now adopted the corresponding property, which you can see from the changed color in the circle.


    You can erase what you have written with the pen with the sponge by taking the sponge out of the board strip and using it like a normal board sponge.

    Please only use the sponge to erase the SMART Board so as not to damage the surface!

    If you don't like the sponge, you can erase what you've written with the flat of your hand or fist.


    By default, your finger is the mouse or cursor. You can use it to click, mark, select, etc. all elements. To get the right mouse button, click on the mouse button on the board bar. As soon as you tap a point with your finger, your action is treated like a right mouse click.

    Save written notes in different programs

    To find out how you can save your written notes and comments in the various documents and programs, read the chapter Annotating with the SMART Pen.

    Use the whiteboard software

    To use the SMART Board as a digital whiteboard, open the SMART Notebook software®". You have 2 options for this:

    1. Click on the "Smart Notebook" icon on the desktop OR

    2. Press the 2nd button from the left in the top bar of the monitor

    The software opens and an empty digital whiteboard page appears, which you can fill in as you like and add additional pages - as a blackboard replacement, to collect questions and input from students, to analyze graphics or website content more closely, to conduct interactive exercises to be carried out with students, etc. More information on using the digital whiteboard with SMART Notebook can be found here.