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How to get rid of your accent and improve your pronunciation - 7 tips (easy and quick to use)!

Are you learning a foreign language and want to get rid of your accent to improve your pronunciation?

It's not that easy at all. Many people still have an accent even after decades. Even if you live in the country of the foreign language, You can see that in Germany too. Immigrants who have lived in Germany for decades and speak German perfectly, still have an accent.

Getting rid of the accent completely is difficult and only very few can do that. This is only possible if you have a really good feeling for the language or through a lot of hard work (just think of the actors who have to learn a certain accent to make a film).

In this post you will learn how to do it How to reduce your accent and how to practice your pronunciation can.

In this video, Luca Lampariello and I have summarized the 7 most important tips for reducing accent for you:

Tip 1: Record yourself speaking.

Chances are, you don't hear your own accent when you speak. Except maybe for single words which you can't get the pronunciation right or make a promise.

That changes, however, when you hear yourself in the third person: a recording of yourself. Then you hear your accent clearly and distinctly. So a sound recording of you is ideal, to practice your accent.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Look Watch a video from a native speaker.
  2. Pause the video after 1-2 sentences.
  3. Speak the sentences and take in yourself.
  4. Comparisons Your recording with the native speaker.
  5. tries it again.
  6. You have been doing this for so long until your sentences sound almost like the native speaker does.
  7. Then you do the same with the next few sentences.

Recording yourself as you speak is a great way to reduce accentuation.

If you like that at least a few minutes every day Practice your pronunciation, improve your accent quickly in the foreign language and get a much better feel for the language.

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Tip 2: Hear, hear and hear again.

Hear the foreign language as much as you can to reduce your accent.

When I came back from Australia after a year at school, I was told I would have partly had an Australian accent.

In the years that followed, I watched many American series and films. Always in English. After that, my Australian accent was completely gone. It didn't sound a bit Australian anymore and has completely switched to American.

So my Australian accent has become American, and that's only because I've watched American films and series. So long-term listening in the foreign language can be so effective.

If you want to get rid of your accent, you need to hear the language as much as possible. Preferably every day and for hours if possible.

Of course, you don't have to sit down and listen to tapes for hours. You can also listen to native speakers in between, on the way, but also during work. You don't even have to listen carefully to make sure it still works.

But of course, really active listening is most effective. But it also helps if you listen without paying attention. So can your brain better adjust to the language.

And what should you hear? Preferably a native speaker in a natural context. So z. B. Films, series and radio. Everything that native speakers hear. If you hear these things a lot, you will automatically reduce your accent and improve your pronunciation.

It is also important to mention that this will help you the most, if you already have some command of the language. If you're just a beginner, don't worry about your accent at first. If, as a beginner, you only hear soundtracks that you hardly understand at all, you will not really get any further. In this case, you should take a different approach.

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Tip 3: exercises with videos on the Internet.

There are many videos on the Internet, especially on YouTube, that can help you reduce your accent.

Another way to work on accent reduction is with videos. You can find a large number of these on video platforms such as YouTube.

In these videos you will z. B. explains how to move your tongue and mouth to properly pronounce a certain sound. Take a close look at them. Then try to produce the same tone or repeat the word correctly.

You can find some of these videos here:

Accent reduction for certain languages

Here are some resources and videos to help you reduce accent in English, Spanish, German and Chinese:

Reduce accent English

Reduce accent German

Reduce accent Spanish

Reduce accent Chinese

Tip 4: practice, practice and practice again.

If you now know how to pronounce words and sounds correctly, you have to practice pronouncing these words as much as possible. But that is only possible if you can see the difference between how native speakers pronounce it and how you pronounce it.

The best thing to do is to get a native speaker for this. This corrects you if you pronounce it incorrectly. Once you can pronounce individual words correctly, practice them in sentences in a natural context. That is one more step more difficult.

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Tip 5: Hear and memorize songs to get the rhythm right.

A large number of German singers sing in English. Your German accent is much weaker than if you speak English (this of course also applies to the other languages). You can benefit from this by learning songs by heart.

Singing is linked to a melody. This way it is easier to learn the correct tonality and rhythm of words. This is how you improve your speaking rhythm and your tonality.

Have you ever heard foreigners speak German? Often you can tell which country you are from, not by the pronunciation, but by the rhythm.

I have an Italian ice cream parlor around the corner from me. One day the owners had a new employee. After 2 seconds I knew that she was also Italian.

But that wasn't because of her accent, because it wasn't particularly strong, but because of the rhythm. It sounded exactly like it did in Italian. She had spoken her words in a singsong, as one knows it from the Italian.

So with music you can adjust your rhythm, which is an important part of your accent.

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Tip 6: Put yourself in a role.

Would you like to speak English with an American accent?Imagine you are an American! Put yourself in the shoes of the native speaker and speak and act like this how this would behave.

Use this simple trick to control your accent a bit in the right direction. Because even if you only act or speak like a native speaker, your accent will be less noticeable.

Tip 7: Accent reduction training

The best method, but also the most expensive, ist Accent reduction with a language trainer.There are special schools and teachers who specialize in accent reduction. You can find a teacher in your city or choose from the large number of online schools.

With someone who recognizes your problems and specifically helps you to deal with them, of course you learn much faster, as if you have to learn everything yourself.

So if accent reduction is very important to you and you have the necessary change, this would be the best method.

Here are a few more resources to go withto find a suitable school, teacher or even a pronunciation course:

By the way: Wagner Moura from Brazil, who plays Pablo Escobar in the Netflix hit “Narcos”, learned Paisa Spanish (Spanish from Medellin, where Escobar lived) for his role within a few months. He had one for thatAccent Coachtaken.

Wagner Moura in Narcos. Image used under Fair Use:

Do you even have to get rid of your accent?

Not having an accent at all is great, of course, but is it imperative to get rid of it?

There are at least 3 reasons why it isn't all that bad and can even be beneficial. Of course, we're talking about an understandable accent that will make your conversation partner understand you and not an accent that is so strong that you have to repeat everything.

Reason 1: Accents are sexy and personable.

I am often said to have a nice accent that makes me likable. Of course, this also applies to many other non-native speakers.

Reason 2: Accents make you special and you stand out from the crowd.

If you are on vacation or live somewhere where there are not too many foreigners / tourists, you will attract attention with your accent. More people want to talk to you to find out about you. If you were to speak without an accent, you would be lost in the crowd.

Reason 3: To get by as a local / non-tourist, the accent isn't that important.

An accent does not make the difference between a local and a visitor, between a tourist and a non-tourist. You could speak completely without an accent andnd would attract attention as a tourist for other reasons.

That would be your clothes or your behavior, for example. You'll notice it long before you even say a word. If you dress yourself more as a tourist than a local, you will be treated as a tourist before you can even flaunt your accent-free language.

Therefore there are much more important factors to look out for if you don't want to be perceived as a tourist. Pay attention to how locals dress, how they behave in certain situations and you will pass for a local.

If you then speak with an accent, nobody will really notice, as the first impression has already shown that you are not a tourist.

So it's not that important to get rid of your accent completely. As long as you speak clearly, there are no problems. Instead, concentrate on more important factors in the foreign language or learn a completely new language right away.

Additional resources on Getting Rid of Accents and Improving Pronunciation

Language hero interviews:

    1. Idahosa Ness - Multilingual musician who talks about the accent reduction method he has developed.
    2. Gabriel Wyner- Also a polyglot and musician who even developed an app for pronunciation training. Incidentally, their crowdfunding campaign was the most successful for an app that has run on Kickstarter so far.

And my interview with the 12-language polyglot Luca Lampariello. He speaks his foreign languages ​​with an excellent accent, including German, which is a foreign language for him.

In the interview he explains methods how you can reduce your accent: You can find the summary of the interview with Luca Lampariello here in text form:

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Conclusion: Accent reduction is difficult, but it can be done with the right exercises!

Get rid of your accent entirely You probably won't make it (but maybe it is?). But this is no problem. You can still reduce your accent to sound more like a native speaker if that's very important to you.

Follow the tips from this post. It won't happen overnight, but with the right practice you can improve your pronunciation.

How do you reduce your accent? Do you know any other tips and techniques for reducing accentuation? Then leave them to me in comments! Thank you - your Gabriel Gelman.

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