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1. ... because it has guaranteed us peace for over 70 years

And that is still the most important argument for the EU. Anyone who experienced the Second World War or the Wars of Yugoslavia or who listened carefully to their parents or grandparents knows very well that peace is by no means a matter of course. A peace that has lasted in the EU for over 70 years - and for which it was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012.

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2. ... because we can only promote climate protection worldwide with the EU

Clearly: climate protection is a global matter and does not stop at borders. Thanks to the EU, the standards are the highest in a world-wide comparison and give the world community a decisive impetus. One state alone would not set the high standards because companies fear competitive disadvantages. If all EU countries take part, things will be easier. Therefore: Without the EU, climate protection would not be where it is now for a long time. Even if we - in the EU and worldwide - have to become even more ambitious. The new EU Commission under Ursual von der Leyen has now presented an ambitious plan for future EU climate policy with its "Green Deal".

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3. ... because we can only help shape the world with the strong voice of the EU

Take global trade as an example: Economic powers like the USA or China have a decisive influence on the rules of the world economy. If we want to exert influence, we as an individual state are hardly heard. Even Germany only makes up one percent of the world's population. Only the EU as a whole can play a major role. For example, to work towards a value-based trade policy with human rights standards or norms for health protection.

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4. ... because the EU is the largest single market in the world - and therefore the basis for the economic situation and jobs in Germany

A market for everyone in the EU without barriers - with 28 countries and over 500 million people. A blessing for a strongly export-oriented country like Germany. Our economy benefits enormously from the European internal market. This also affects each and every one of them. The EU internal market increases the per capita income of Germans by 1,000 euros a year.

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5. ... because the EU protects competition and takes action against cartels

Companies secure our prosperity. Nevertheless, there are always unfair price agreements. That hinders competition and means that we have to pay more for a product. The EU takes action against such cartels. When a company abuses its dominant position, the Commission is not squeamish. In 2018, for example, it imposed a record fine of 4.34 billion euros.

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6. ... because the EU cares about safe food and affordable phone calls

And not just because of that. The list of consumer protection rights is long: if a flight is canceled, compensation is given. If a hair dryer is broken, it can be exchanged, no matter where in the EU we bought it. And when it comes to food, we enjoy the highest level of safety in the world in the EU. The benefits of the EU are particularly evident in consumer protection: companies do not have to fear a competitive disadvantage because of the higher standards. After all, everyone who sells their products in the EU must comply with the standards.

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7. ... because we have the unique freedom to live, work and build a company anywhere in the EU

And that wherever we want. Looking for a job in the Netherlands? Retiring to sunny Spain? As a trainee with ERASMUS + to Finland? To the Czech Republic for love? If you want that, you can do it without any problems. And that is unique in the world.

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8. ... because the EU stands for diversity

The EU is a community that speaks out clearly for its diversity and for promoting and maintaining this diversity. There are 24 languages ​​and many other dialects in Europe alone. But also different cultures, scenic features, artistic forms of expression and much more shape a Europe of diversity. There is no equalization here, but appreciation of the colorful facets of Europe as a shared treasure.

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