What is meant by dominant character

DISC dimension: Dominant

For a deeper understanding of the DISC typology, further descriptions are given for people who score comparatively high and comparatively low in each of the four DISC dimensions.

Comparatively high

Here are some traits and behaviors that people describe who comparatively high values in dimension "Dominant" exhibit:

  • Enjoy the competition and the challenge.
  • Are goal-oriented and want to be recognized for their achievements.
  • Set ambitious goals, want authority, and are usually resourceful and adaptable.
  • Are usually self-sufficient and individualistic.
  • Can lose interest in projects when the challenge is over and they tend to be impatient and unhappy with small details.

They are usually direct and positive towards people who enjoy being the center of attention. In doing so, they often take it for granted that people will appreciate them.
You may have a tendency to be critical of others. Consequently, other people might tend to see them as dominant and overwhelming.

Comparatively low

Here are some traits and behaviors that people describe who comparatively low values in dimension "Dominant" exhibit:

  • Tend to want peace and harmony.
  • Prefer others to take the initiative and solve problems.
  • Are calm and indirect in their way of approaching most situations.
  • They are usually cautious and carefully calculate risk before acting.

They are generally very popular because of their mild and gentle nature. Other people will find you patient, calm, thoughtful, and a good listener.

Other DISC dimensions

Next Dominant there are three other dimensions within the DISC typology. These are:

Initiative, steady, conscientious

If you wish, you can now take a free DISC personality test online or read the article What is DISC? read.