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UI design (User Interface Design)

This will make your online shop interface a success

User experience is very subjective, but as experienced UI designers and UX agencies, we know the general premises for a user interface with which we lead your online shop to success:

Coordination of the offered technical functions to your target group

Optimal page performance (short loading times are a must!)

Maximum efficiency in the purchase process (avoid detours, be understandable)

Coherent interface design (meaningful and contemporary)

Fulfilling brand promises and expectations



UX without UI? Without us!

Let's think again of the initial date situation as a comparison. They meet for a candle light dinner and have nothing to light the candle with. You also notice that you have forgotten the perfume. The romance evaporates quickly, doesn't it? This is roughly how a UX design feels without an individual user interface. Without the tingling and magic of seduction. It can be done, but somehow something is missing!

The UI designers from igniti give your Magento or Shopware online shop that special something with an innovative UI design, so that shopping becomes a positive user experience for your customers that stays in their head. As in everyday life, it's not just about doing things according to the scheme. Much more people want to have a certain amount of joy in everything they do, to be entertained and to be individual. This is exactly what a user interface and a modern interaction design do with an online shop.

Don't be a mood killer - let the UI design agency igniti fill your online shop with life.

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