What are the failed products from Facebook

Facebook login not possible - that could be the problem

There could be various reasons why your Facebook login is not working. Usually only minor errors cause the problem, which you can fix yourself. In some cases, a failed login attempt has more serious causes. We'll show you what it could be and how you can regain access to your Facebook account.

Problems and solutions with Facebook login

If you cannot log into your Facebook account, please go through the following points:
  1. The most common cause is typing errors in your email address or password. It is best to enter both completely again and try to log in again.
  2. Just as often, you accidentally hold down Caps Lock and you capitalize everything. Since passwords are case-sensitive, Facebook recognizes your password as incorrect. Make sure Caps Lock is off.
  3. If your password is still not accepted, you can simply request a new password via this link. You will receive your new password by email. You should then set up a new password in the Facebook settings.
  4. However, your account could also be blocked due to rule violations. Check your email inbox. If you have been blocked, you will receive an email from Facebook in which you will find out the reason and the duration of the block.
  5. In rarer cases, Facebook accounts are also hacked. This is likely to be the case if the previous points didn't apply to you and didn't help you any further. In this case, you should immediately notify Facebook via this link. Facebook will then help you recover your account.
  6. Very rarely, Facebook is simply offline and therefore not accessible to anyone. This can either be due to server problems or maintenance work. These are usually over after a few minutes.