How can I beat someone in poker

"What" is "hit"?

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  1. "What" is "hit"?

    Author: pythoneer 09.01.15 - 15:36

    I would have been interested in what that actually means. There's no denying that he can't win every hand. The reason why poker is so successful and a lot of money can be made with it is precisely the fact that even the worst player wins a hand against a professional.

    This is different with chess, for example (many poker players came from the chess corner back then (I myself got into poker through Matthias Wahls). In a chess game, it is relatively clear who wins if the Elo number is significantly different. You can Save yourself as someone who has just learned the rules to play against a grandmaster, that won't work.

    But to someone I just explained the T-Hold'em rules to, we win a hand or two against me and maybe even have fun losing € 20 because he "beats" me a few times " Has. Even if he is lucky enough, he will win a complete session so that he wins my € 20 in the evening. But if we do that every weekend, sooner or later he'll pay me.

    So what does "hit" mean? Ne single hand (nonsense) Ne game until the stack is used up by one party, 10 games, 10,000 games?

  2. Re: "What" is "beat"?

    Author: Its_Me 09.01.15 - 15:55

    Hold a complete heads up. So I assume both players have the same money and play until one of them runs out of money. Since you are playing with limits, this takes some time, which again depends on how the blinds go up.
    The computer should statistically win more games, which means that it wins the heads up overall.

  3. Re: "What" is "beat"?

    Author: pythoneer 09.01.15 - 16:43

    Its_Me wrote:
    > Hold a complete heads up. So I guess both players have
    > the same money and is played until someone runs out of money. In order to
    > Limits is played, it takes some time, which again depends on how
    > the blinds go up.

    Which again depends on how many blinds each player had at the start.
    But in order to make this somehow independent, one would have to say with 100 hands he wins the majority. Unless it is part of the algorithm how high the blinds to the stack are, i.e. what stage of the heads-up the game is in.

    Edited 1 times, last on 1/9/15 16:44 by pythoneer.

  4. Re: "What" is "beat"?

    Author: Myxier 10.01.15 - 02:24

    For an even remotely meaningful one
    Sample size, you need around 10,000 played
    Hands, rather far from more. That should be about
    be meant by "beat". Anything else would be nonsense
    as you said yourself. greetings

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