What are the requirements of the copywriter

What is a copywriter?

What is a copywriter? A short profile

As a copywriter you will find the right words for texts of any kind. Your tool is the language. Often a copywriter works in an agency or takes on assignments as a freelancer. Creativity and a feeling for language are particularly important.

Provider of courses to become a copywriter

At the following institutes you can complete further training to become a copywriter.

What tasks do I have as a copywriter?

As a copywriter, you are responsible for the linguistic implementation of projects. You formulate texts of all kinds and across all media. Before starting the writing process, you will familiarize yourself intensively with the company, the product, the target group and the competition.

Depending on the area of ​​application, your area of ​​responsibility may include the following areas:

  • Blog texts
  • PR texts
  • Print texts
  • Web texts
  • SEO texts
  • Copywriting

tasks and activities

  • Formulate headlines, slogans and running text
  • Research product, company, target group, competitors
  • Develop concepts in collaboration with the graphics department
  • To conduct customer meetings
  • Present drafts to the customer

What tasks and activities do I deal with?

The main task, of course, is writing. On a normal working day, you will devote most of your time to this activity.

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Another important task is the development of concepts and the research that precedes the actual writing. Especially if you work as a freelance copywriter or in the service industry, consulting with customers also takes up a large part of your day-to-day work.

The diagram shows you which activities also play an important role in everyday work.

You write for all kinds of communication and advertising materials:

  • Print products
  • Advertisements in newspapers and magazines
  • Posters
  • Brochures, brochures
  • Radio and TV spots
  • Mailings
  • Campaigns, promotions
  • Press releases
  • Websites, Twitter, Facebook and blogs

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Manual advertising copy

"Advertising is booming. Never have more TV spots been broadcast, more Internet sites developed, never has consumer favor been advertised with greater effort than it is today. A multi-million dollar business that demands ever more professionalism. And yet the industry is doing itself well Entire profession that still lacks professional standards: copywriting. The result: Good copywriters are in short supply and are therefore desperately sought after. So it's high time to take care of the industry's stepchild. The "Handbook of copywriting" spans the long overdue arc from the strategic-analytical work of the copywriter to the later struggle for the correct word. "

Source: Amazon.de

What is my day-to-day work as a copywriter?

The freelance copywriter Holger Schossig reports what his typical working day looks like:


... first of all the mails are processed. This often includes customer inquiries or orders. That takes a while. [...] I usually plan in such a way that I am flexible and can sometimes push in small things in between. [...] When I hold the appointment calendar in my hands, I will immediately see what is due for today. And then we can start. Anyone who thinks that I would sit down for hours and just write through is wrong. I have to take breaks in between, sometimes get up ...You can read the whole report here.

Where do I work as a copywriter?

As a copywriter, you will work in advertising agencies, communication agencies, PR agencies, and marketing and PR departments in companies, institutions and organizations. You can also work as a freelancer. You will work closely with the graphics department to coordinate the linguistic and creative implementation of the concept.

In which industries do I work as a copywriter?

  • Advertising: e.g. advertising agencies
  • Trade fair, congress and conference management: e.g. advertising departments of trade fair organizers
  • Design, layout: e.g. agencies for communication design
  • Business consulting
  • Public relations: e.g. PR agencies

Which companies are looking for copywriters?

According to theCentral Association of the German Advertising Industry (ZAW) there were 153% more job advertisements for copywriters in 2010 than in 2009. You can find a job, for example, at:

  • Advertising agencies: For example, we offer vacanciesBBDO (Customers:BMWMarsBurger King), Young from Matt (MercedesNikonVodafone),Service plan (BMWAmnesty InternationalSky).
  • Online platforms: Textbroker.de andContent.debring authors and clients together.
  • PR agencies: For example, there are large PR agencies in GermanyKetchum PleonFischerAppelt andScholz & Friends.
  • Communication agencies: AtA&B OneFactor 3 and4iMEDIAyou can also find work.
  • Management consultancies: The largest companies in this field areMcKinseyBoston Consulting Group andRoland Berger Strategy Consultants.

What salary does a copywriter earn?

The earnings vary depending on the industry, place of work, company size, professional experience and responsibility.

The following averages serve as a guide to how much you earn per month:

Salary prospects *
Starting salary2.700 €
Salary with work experience3.400 €
* in gross / monthly
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How do I become a copywriter?

The training to become a copywriter is not regulated, so you have various options to enter this profession. Many copywriters are lateral entrants from another area. Some start out as interns or trainees in advertising or communications agencies and, if they are suitable, are taken on as junior copywriters. Another way is training as a copywriter at a private school, studying or distance learning. The prerequisites for the job are a confident use of the German language, creativity and the ability to work in a team.


In Germany, several training centers for copywriters have established themselves. The training programs combine practice and theory and last 4 to 12 months. Requirements are a school leaving certificate, successful completion of a copy test (recruitment test) and a minimum age of 18 years.

You can complete an apprenticeship at the following private schools:

  • Text forge Hamburg
  • Text College Munich
  • KreativKader Düsseldorf and Stuttgart
  • Miami Ad School Berlin

Training content:

  • Text theory
  • Text practice
  • Copywriting for print, radio, TV, online
  • Dialogue marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Brainstorming
  • Creative techniques
  • Strategy and conception
  • PR
  • Presentation techniques

Course content at the Texterschmiede:

The lessons are broad; we do not train special forces, but generalists who can move confidently in as many text disciplines as possible. In the evening at the text forge, you will learn what might be neglected in day-to-day business: How to write a copy of an advertisement. Or a TV commercial. Or a mailing. A doctorate. A website. A Facebook campaign. A Twitter action. A press release and, and, and.(Source: texterschmiede.de)

The training concludes with an exam. After passing the exam, the graduates receive a certificate. Often, exams and term papers are also included in the final grade. The diplomas are highly regarded by hiring managers. Many of those who have completed their training at a text school now work for well-known companies.


At the Berlin University of the Arts and at the Stuttgart Media University there are 2 courses that qualify you for communication professions. With such a degree, you can work as a copywriter. But other activities in the area of ​​communication are also conceivable. The admission requirement is the general university entrance qualification, the subject-specific university entrance qualification or the technical college entrance qualification.

University of Art in Berlin
The course in social and business communication (GWK) is available as a bachelor's and master's degree. To be admitted, you submit a work sample.

Course content Bachelor:

  • Communication and media research
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Verbal communication
  • Audiovisual communication
  • Society / economy / culture

Course contents Master:

  • Reception and appropriation
  • Strategy and organization
  • Communication and context
  • Creation and interaction

Stuttgart Media University
The Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Market Communication trains you to work in communication agencies or in marketing and PR departments.

Course content:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Psychology and social research
  • planning
  • Communication and PR
  • Communication and society
  • Communication tools
  • Print design
  • Cross-media design
  • economy
  • Technology and media

The course concludes with a bachelor's or master's thesis. Graduates obtain a degree asBachelor of Arts / Master of Arts. In the course of the Bologna Process, internationally standardized university degrees were introduced in Europe. With a bachelor's or master's degree, you can also prove your qualifications in other European countries.

Distance learning

Distance learning to become a copywriter is particularly suitable for professionals who want to further their education on the side. There are no special educational or professional requirements.

Experience report from Kaiser about distance learning

Rating: 4.1 / 5

My interest in writing made me want to train as a copywriter. After extensive research, I decided to go to the Hamburg Academy for distance learning. Initial concerns quickly disappeared with the arrival of the first study material. The curriculum, presented very clearly, conveyed diverse, practice-oriented knowledge, the tasks were clear and understandable.

Read the whole experience report on FernstudiumCheck.de

The following providers are available for distance learning:

  • Study Community Darmstadt (SGD)
  • Institute for Learning Systems (ILS)
  • Distance academy for adult education
  • Hamburg Academy for Distance Learning

Course content:

  • Basics of texting
  • Creativity techniques
  • Text modules
  • Copywriting for the Internet
  • public relations
  • presentations
  • Legal issues

All courses last 15 months each. The duration of the study can be extended free of charge. After successfully completing the course, the graduate receives a certificate from the respective academy. The ILS, the SGD and the Distance Academy for Adult Education can also issue you a certificate in English if you wish. With this you can also prove your further education abroad.


5 reasons to be a copywriter:

  • Varied tasks: You write texts for all kinds of communication media.
  • Print, radio, TV, online: you serve all media with their special features.
  • You can let your creativity run free.
  • As an online copywriter, you work in a growing and innovative industry.
  • If you are looking for new challenges, you have the opportunity to advance.