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Holidaymakers should stick to this speed in England

If you have a driver's license, you might want to go on vacation with your own car. After all, there are great advantages in being able to cover the distance from the hotel to the next town in a foreign country with a familiar vehicle. It is important to study the current traffic rules in advance. The following is about the speed regulations in England.

FAQ: Speed ​​limit in England

How fast can I drive out of town?

A distinction is made between country roads and expressways. You are allowed to drive 60 mph (about 96 km / h) on country roads and 70 mph (about 112 km / h) on expressways.

Do I have to convert the speed?

Yes, you have to multiply the speed indicated on road signs in England by a factor of 1.6 and then convert it to miles per hour. Here we have created an example for you.

Speed ​​in England on the motorway

You should know beforehand that to measure the speed in England other units are used than in Germany. While the speed in this country is given in kilometers per hour (km / h), it is in our neighboring country Miles per hour (mph). The conversion factor is 1.6. Here one example as an illustration:

  • The speed limit on a road in England is 60 mph.
  • Then do the math 60 x 1.6.
  • That equals 96.
  • So you are allowed to take this route 96 km / h drive.

Now you know how to speed up in England convert so that you don't drive too fast or too slow. So what is the pace at the Highway allowed? With the Cars are a maximum of 70 mph or 112 km / h on motorways allowed.

Speed ​​limit in urban areas as well as on expressways and country roads

As in Germany, the speed is in England depending on the type of route regulated differently. So applies within localities a different provision than about Highways. Specifically, you can:

  • 30 mph or 48 km / h in town
  • 60 mph or 96 km / h Country roads and
  • 70 mph or 112 km / h Expressways and Highways drive.

Incidentally, in some parts of England a car toll is levied. This applies to, for example M6 motorway section, the cities London and Durham as well as on some tunneland bridges to.

Speed ​​in England for trucks and campers

For heavy Trucks from 7.5 t GVW depends on the maximum speed allowed in England, among other things. depends on how many Lanes for one direction exist. There are only a trail for each direction, are out of town 50 mph or 80 km / h allowed. are two tracks for each direction, you are allowed 60 mph or 60 mph in a heavy truck in England. 96 km / h drive. On a Expresswayyou can drive just as fast.

On the Highway Trucks over 7.5 t GVW are allowed to travel at a maximum of 60 mph, i.e. 96 km / h be on the move.

Light trucks up to 7.5 t GVW allowed on the Highway Drive at a speed in England that is also permitted for cars: 70 mph or 112 km / h are allowed.

Are on single lane country roads 80 km / h for trucks up to 7.5 t GVW allowed, on expressways 96 km / h.

The speed in England for Caravan differs from that of cars only from a permissible total weight of 3.5 t. Then out of town, i.e. on country roads, are only 50 mph or 80 km / h allowed instead of 60 mph. Then 60 mph apply on the expressway, that is 96 km / h. 70 mph resp. 112 km / h allowed.

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Holidaymakers should stick to this speed in England
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