What is your favorite small kitchen appliance

Kitchen appliances: the latest trends

Pyrolytic oven: the clever oven with self-cleaning

With a pyrolysis oven you are spared the hassle of cleaning the oven, because the modern oven cleans itself with extremely hot special programs. Here you can find out everything about the self-cleaning oven!

Built-in refrigerator: the bestseller among refrigeration appliances

The built-in refrigerator is one of the bestsellers among refrigeration appliances because it creates a harmonious overall picture in the kitchen and is also extremely space-saving. Here at PLANA you can find out which properties the built-in refrigerator still has!

Ceramic sink: elegant look meets robust material

The ceramic sink fits every kitchen design, because it is available in many colors and in a wide variety of shapes. We have summarized all the advantages of the ceramic sink for you here.

Oven operating mode: circulating air or top / bottom heat?

There are ovens in a wide variety of designs and modes of operation. But when is circulating air needed and when is it better to use top / bottom heat? Here at PLANA we show you the most common operating modes!

Gaggenau wine cabinet

With the Vario cooling series 400, the manufacturer Gaggenau presented the fully integrated wine climate cabinet at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. PLANA presents you here all the advantages of the wine climate cabinet!

Miele dishwasher G 7000

A real highlight at IFA 2018 in Berlin - the Miele G 7000 dishwasher with automatic dosing system. Here at PLANA you can find out which new features the innovative dishwasher from Miele brings with it.

IFA 2018: These kitchen appliances are waiting for us next year

IFA 2018 in Berlin once again offered countless innovations and novelties in kitchen appliances. From Miele to AEG to Siemens, all the well-known representatives of electrical appliances for the kitchen were on site. We'll show you the most exciting highlights here!

Extractor hood circulating air: advantages and variants

Create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen for the preparation of meals. Extractor hoods with circulating air quickly and quietly remove the steam that is generated during cooking and offer other positive effects. PLANA has put together the most important advantages and variants of the recirculation hood for you.

Side-by-side refrigerator: The new trend from America

This refrigerator can easily accommodate all of the large family purchases: Side-by-side refrigerators are the latest hit in German kitchens. In addition to the ice cube dispenser and double door, the American fridges are particularly impressive because of their spaciousness. Here, PLANA K├╝chenland shows you the advantages of a refrigerator with a double door!

AEG dishwasher ComfortLift: takes dishes to a new level

A dishwasher that suits you - AEG makes this dream come true with the innovative ComfortLift dishwasher. A clever lifting mechanism makes it easier for you to load and unload the dishes and has a lot more to offer!

Miele Dialog oven: the revolutionary oven

The Miele Dialog oven not only revolutionizes the way you cook, it also sets new standards with intelligent technology. The sensational kitchen appliance will hit the market in Germany from April 2018. We'll show you what the oven of the future can do that no one has been able to do before.

Kitchen appliances 2018: from Sous-vide ovens to Dialog ovens

The Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin is THE place to go when it comes to new innovations in the kitchen. Regardless of whether it is a refrigerator, dishwasher, induction hob, extractor hood or oven - all new kitchen appliances are presented at this trade fair. Here we show you which new appliances should not be missing in your kitchen planning.

Steam oven: cook gently, eat delicious

Steamers are kitchen appliances that enable food to be cooked gently and quickly. The particular advantage: vitamins, minerals and taste are retained. Therefore: If you are planning a new kitchen or want to upgrade your current kitchen and value conscious nutrition, you should definitely plan a steamer.

Fridge: Helpful tips for making the right purchase decision

The refrigerator is an integral part of every kitchen today. But the choice of refrigerators is huge. To find the right model, it makes sense to first look at the different functions, sizes, types and energy efficiency classes. You can find important information on these topics and tips on everything to do with refrigerators here.

Which dishwasher is right for your household?

Once you have it in the kitchen, you won't give it back: the dishwasher. After all, washing the dishes by hand is time-consuming and annoying. Especially when there is a pile of dishes every day. The particular advantage of modern dishwashers: They offer savings and more functions.

Home Connect - control your Siemens home appliances with the app

The intelligent kitchen of the future has arrived in the now. With Home Connect, you can control your home appliances easily and intuitively using your smartphone or tablet. The best thing about it: You only need a single app to control many networked devices. Home Connect technology is already available in Siemens dishwashers and ovens.

Hob2Hood - intelligent control of your AEG extractor hood

Your hands are very busy cooking. When roasting gets into the hot phase or when the sizzling sauce gets the spicy finishing touch, every move has to be perfect. How about if you had one less worry here? The Hob2Hood function relieves you of operating your AEG extractor hood. The performance of the extractor hood adapts fully automatically to your cooking activities. And you have your hands free for the essentials.