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How I live

Who lives how? In the column, BISS salespeople give insights into their everyday living. They tell how they used to live, how they live now and what they hope for in the future.

Protocol FELICITAS WILKE; Photo: Martin Fengel

The minimalist

“My apartment may be small, but I heard once that Tokyo is much smaller! I've lived in Untermenzing since 2007. The apartment I live in is about 15 square meters. I have a bed, a dining table, two chairs, a cupboard, my TV and a kitchenette - and of course Contessa and Carmencita, two pots with which I can make mocha like in Italy. I originally come from a small town 40 kilometers north of Venice. I grew up there with my parents and my two siblings in a huge house where two other families lived. Many in my family felt the urge to see something of the world. I have relatives in Brazil and Argentina, and my father worked in France for many years. I was the only one of us all to be drawn to Germany. So I went, it was 1975. I got the stamp for my first residence permit in Nürtingen in Baden-Württemberg. After that I lived in many different cities and apartments. In Detmold, in Hamburg, in Garmisch, occasionally in Munich, for sublease in Klenzestrasse. I had my nicest apartment in Mainz, with large rooms. I lived there for a total of eleven years and worked as an ice cream maker. I've never learned a job and I've done a lot of things in my life. When I came back to Munich in the nineties, I was working as a day laborer. Sometimes I packed furniture, sometimes sorted fruit, sometimes for a few weeks at a time, sometimes for just one day. That didn't bother me much, I was always flexible. But the odd job had one catch: It was difficult to get an apartment. And so I lived for a few years in an accommodation in the Passionist congregation in Pasing. About ten other people lived there, some of them marked by life. Some only stayed a few days, some like me for years. Living together there was sometimes fun, sometimes difficult, and in any case always surprising! I've been selling BISS since 2005, and two years later I moved into my current apartment. I don't mind that I only have one small bathroom in the apartment and that I have to go downstairs to shower. I am happy to have the apartment at all because I know from my own experience that having a home of my own cannot be taken for granted. When I come home from work in the evening, I know: I can switch off here. When I'm at home, I prefer to watch TV. During the day and while I am eating, however, a cloth hangs over my television because otherwise it doesn't look nice. I'm more of a minimalist. Friends and acquaintances almost had to persuade me to take the few pictures that hang on the wall. I like it to be as small and simple as possible and would not want to exchange my apartment for a large one. "

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