Is Drake in a gang

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So far, there isn't much about that Drake pirate gang known, except that X. Drake, one of the "rookies" from the Sabaody Archipelago, is their captain. It also has to be quite strong because it has made it to the redline. The gang's clothes are very reminiscent of those of the musketeers.
However, your captain secretly belongs to the marine unit SWORD and went on their behalf under the patronage of the Emperor Kaido.[1]


Drake used to be a Rear Admiral in the Navy, but then resigned to become a pirate, so he started his own pirate gang. More detailed information about this behavior is not yet known.


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Drake's gang was at the same time as the Straw Hat gang in the Sabaody Archipelago and first appeared when Drake prevented a fight between the two rookies Killer and Urouge.[2] When the Admiral Kizaru came to the archipelago, Drake ordered his gang to prepare their ship for departure, but not to flee yet.[3] Drake then encountered several other supernovae fighting against his former superior Admiral Kizaru. Then he used his zoan-type devil fruit and turned into a dinosaur, but like the other rookies, he was quickly defeated by the admiral.[4]

During the great battle

The gang, like the other supernovae, were later seen watching the broadcast of Ace's execution in the Sabaody Archipelago, suggesting that Drake had not suffered serious injuries in the fight against the Admiral. After a while, the gang was on their way to Fishman Island, watching what was happening on the Marine Ford from a safe distance.[5]

Under Kaido's flag

Arrived in the New World, Drake's gang attacked a man who was protecting an island under Kaido's name. For Drake this was welcome news as he apparently wanted to challenge Kaido.[6]

As it turned out later, they appeared to have joined Kaido. Because when Caribou defeated Scotch and destroyed a factory on the winter island of Kaido, their captain ended the uprising by defeating the pirate in his dinosaur form. Then he dragged him away and brought him to his ship. Drake was later seen telling his comrades how his father was killed by De Flamingo after reading the latest news on Dress Rosa. However, he no longer mourned this.[7]

When the straw hats reached Wa no Kuni, they learned from Hitetsu that X. Drake had meanwhile risen to a headliner within the gang of 100 beasts and had razed the village of Amigasa to the ground in Kaido's name.[8] X. Drake frequently collided with the ninja-pirate-mink-samurai alliance on Wa no Kuni and helped capture Trafalgar Law, but later released him unnoticed. After his cover on Onigashima was blown, however, he joined the Luffy's alliance himself.[9].

Known members

positionSurnameBountyDevil fruit
Captain:X. Drake 222.000.000 Dinosaur fruit, model: Allosaurus


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