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Virtual teams - virtual leadership - distance leadership

Virtual teams pose numerous challenges for managers and in the course of this, the repertoire of management tools is also changing. Digital leadership and virtual teams are inextricably linked and more and more executives want to build up knowledge on these exciting topics and fill their toolbox with contemporary methods.

Virtual teams

The communication with the virtual team takes place almost exclusively via electronic tools and therefore executives need methods to distribute teams synchronize, with you to communicate, You to motivate to get good virtual Work results to get.

Qualification for managers

In our Blended learning qualification series "Virtual Teams and Virtual Leadership", which we have developed for one of our customers, we address the challenges and give the participants current knowledge, e.g. on the topics of legitimation power, expert power, information power. We also highlight the challenges of virtual teams such as working across time zones with team members who are not sufficiently involved - but also topics such as decision-making in virtual teams and the role expectation and role provision of the team members.

Digital learning for virtual teams

We carried out the first rounds of the blended learning course very successfully and the international roll-out of the qualification series for managers is imminent. Of course, we use many virtual elements for training such as Webinars, developed by us WBTs, the Social intranet of the company and the exchange in virtual groups via smartphones.

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