What are custom colors

How can I delete think-cell's custom colors?

For quick access, think-cell automatically adds the last used custom colors to the color control (see Color and Fill). The colors to be displayed in the color control are stored in two locations:

  • In the current presentation so that other people working on the same presentation can use the custom colors as well.
  • On your computer so that you can use the custom colors in other (new) presentations.

There aren't any at the moment official Method of clearing the list of custom colors. Although there is no way to remove custom colors from a presentation file, you can delete the part of the list that is stored on your computer (the part below the dividing line). Note, however, that you will also lose other settings - for example the list of user-defined accuracies and possibly your license key (which you can simply re-enter the next time you start PowerPoint or Excel, if necessary).

The custom colors are saved in a file and can be deleted by removing the file.
To do this, follow the steps below:
  1. Open a new Windows Explorer window.
  2. Enter in the address field and press.
  3. Note: This step may delete the license key from your system. So make sure you have a valid license key handy before proceeding.
    Delete the file.