What is the origin of charades

Charade (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Other spellings:
Scha | ra | de, Plural: Damages
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ʃaˈʁaːdə]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Guessing game (form of syllable puzzle) in which a word is broken down into its syllables or lexemes and the meaning of these syllables or lexemes and / or the whole word can be guessed from paraphrases or pantomime representations
2) a failed, devalued or even disparaging process, farce, due to an inadequate approach
Origin of the term:
Borrowed in the 18th century from French charade, the original meaning of which was '(shallow) entertainment'. This in turn comes from Provencal charrado, that too Provencal charra 'Chatter, talk' is formed. Significance 2) is a transfer of Significance 1).
Application examples:
1) “Sabina laughed about it and was curious to see when Charades would end and the real Donald would emerge. "
1) “We are here in the area of ​​the syllable puzzle or the Charade, as it plays a role not only in literary, but also in the popular area, for example in the Low German riddle of the ›Erd-äppel-Pfann-Cake‹. "
1) “The charade is a puzzle game in which there is a lot to laugh about and everyone can join in. "
2) “It was a terrible one Charade, which he presented to us on such occasions. "
2) “To the little one charade To finish playing, I decided to open the drawer of the bedside table and then clearly audibly slam it shut again. "
2) „charade in Prague [heading; later:] Since Gustav Husak and Leonid Brezhnev are intelligent men, none of them can be the present one charade at the 14th Congress of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in Prague. "
2) "" Exactly 90 years after what happened in Thuringia: To be chosen by Mr. Höcke and the grand piano. That was obviously well prepared. A disgusting one charade.»“
2) "Johnson's Brexitcharade is hair-raising: Allegedly the EU wants to block food for Northern Ireland. "
Nominative: singular charade; Plural Charades
Genitive: singular charade; Plural Charades
Dative: singular charade; Plural Charades
Accusative: singular charade; Plural Charades


  • English: 1) charade
  • Esperanto: 1) ŝarado
  • French: 1) charade
  • Italian: 1) sciarada (Female)
  • Catalan: 1) xarada (Female)
  • Swedish: 1) charad (Utrum)
  • Spanish: 1) charada

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The wild, wild west begins right behind Weimar, in the El Doroda amusement park, on the autobahn: The eighth case for the crime comedians Dorn and Lessing is a lousy one charade between super-nose humor and western romance.
n-tv.de, January 02, 2019

It is she who convinces the men Jon Schnee and Ser Davos that Daenerys' intentions are pure and no more charade in the game for the Iron Throne.
stern.de, May 8, 2019

Get rid of this flimsy charadeHeld each year at the expense of the American people By Andrew J.
Contra Magazin, February 11, 2019

Moscow has had enough of that charade Germany, and the destructive policies of the European Union and the United States.
Contra Magazin, October 25, 2020

The atmosphere between UEFA and a dozen top clubs is completely poisoned. If you believe UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, those responsible on the other side will have one right through to the end charade listed full of lies.
kicker, April 19, 2021

After the look and price leaked as well, Microsoft released the charade finished and confirmed both entries. At the same time, the price of the Xbox Series X has been leaked.
ComputerBase, September 08, 2020

The classics include, for example: Dare or Truth Who am I charade Various card games Quiz All games are suitable for adults, some in turn either require a lot of preparation time (e.g.
Brigitte.de, December 29, 2020

London - Professional footballer Wilfried Zaha from the Premier League club Crystal Palace has the anti-racism gestures and 'Black Lives Matter' lettering in English football as' meaningless Charade' criticized.
t-online, February 14, 2021

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Charade: Guessing game (form of syllable puzzle) in which a word is broken down into its syllables or lexemes and the meaning of these syllables or lexemes and / or the whole word can be guessed from paraphrases or pantomime representations; a process that has been missed, devalued or even disparaging due to an inappropriate approach, farce

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Charades: Part of speech: Declined form Syllabification: Scha | ra | den Grammatical features: Nominative plural of the noun Scharade Genitive plural of the noun Scharade Dative plural of the noun Scharade Accusative plural of the noun Scharade

Rhyme: German: -aːdə:… Breading Parade Pentade Pesade Pleiade Pomade Rhagade Castling Roulade Shamade Charade Succade Tetrade Tirade Triad Tribade Loading Cicada…

Charade:… Charade; Plural charades accusative: singular charade; Plural Charades Other spellings: Charade Hyphenation: Cha | ra | de, plural: Cha | ra | the pronunciation / emphasis: ...

Brain game: ... and the noun game Synonyms: 1) Brain teaser, prize puzzle, guessing game, quiz game, charade brain teaser, question-answer game 2) Mind game Superordinate terms: ...

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