Billionaires can easily get into the Illuminati

Conspiracy theories - recognizing and interpreting warning signs


False conspiracy theories are thought traps. Sooner or later I had to come across it. Now it has caught me and I am faced with a new situation. The classic weapons against thought traps - looking, measuring, calculating, checking - prove to be quite blunt against conspiracy theories, because: Conspiracy theories are phantasies based on sparse facts.

The word "sparse" is important. Because only that distinguishes them from scientific theories. Due to a mostly deplorable factual situation there is a lot of room for a heap of theories; the selection process of science is paralyzed due to a lack of testing options.

Often only that helps Thrift further: Take the closest explanation, the least spectacular, the one with the fewest number of unverifiable assumptions. I showed how this can be done in the case of the Corona conspiracy.

Something like that can also go in the eye. Using the example of the flat roof pyramid, I show that the simpler interpretation of a factual situation is not always the better. (The related dynamic flat roof logo in the header of my web page is out of order because Java applets are no longer supported by the browsers, but with the help of the “rigid graph” you can understand very well how the pyramid can only be seen with the right angle appears as a simple Necker cube. The simpler hypothesis is wrong.)

How can the unprepared recognize a conspiracy theory as such? How can he protect himself from false conspiracy theories? Is it possible without excessive study of the sources?

I think so. There are a few simple rules that serve to protect your immune system against false conspiracy theories. Recognizing Warning sign. How to find such warning signs, I will develop on the basis of a single case, namely on the basis of the book “Secret Societies 3” by Jan van Helsing (civil: Jan Udo Holey), published in 2017.

The book

In short, Jan van Helsing's book includes the following: A secret society with roots in Freemasonry seeks one New world order at. Their "hideous" goals include population reduction, subsidizing abortion, promoting homosexuality, destroying the family, suppressing medical aid, inducing heart attacks, banning ancient religions, promoting drug use, restricting civil rights, weather control, replacement of Science through indoctrination, terrorism, and more. In short, the secret society is striving for a totalitarian global system.

Hardly any crime thriller forgets to ask the main question, namely the motive of the perpetrator. The question Cui bono Strangely enough, it doesn't play a role in the book. It remains to be seen what the whole thing is supposed to do. In other conspiracy theories, “one sees more clearly”: The idea is popping up on the Internet that billionaire Bill Gates wants to use a pandemic to gain control of the world's health systems and make a profit from it.

But back to the book: The chemtrail conspiracy is part of the global conspiracy described, as is what is behind the Georgia Guidestones It is assumed that the deliberately unleashed corona virus is used to select or monitor the world's population. And so on.

Michael Butter calls it something Super conspiracy theory (2018). Such is the result of the amalgamation of various conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theories of such a collection may well contradict one another. There is complete confusion in the book, especially about the people behind the scenes. In any case, they have to do with the Freemasons and the Illuminati. But they are often hidden and omnipresent.

The book presents itself as an interview, a dialogue between the author Jan van Helsing and someone anonymous freemason. The book is a free design of the defector motif: defectors enjoy trust. The whistleblower reveals his knowledge of the crimes of his organization at risk of death. This creates the appearance of authenticity.

The anonymous Freemason speaks of a secret knowledge that only a few are given. If secrets are betrayed, there is even a threat of public execution (p. 72). On the other hand, the Masonic chats consistently of these secrets. If a defector remains anonymous, as here, the defector motif can only impress the naive. The attentive reader, however, will suspect a hoax behind it.

I remember the Coen film “Fargo”: The opening credits promise a true story. What follows is extremely grotesque. In the credits there is a hint that all people and events are fictional.

The interview can be understood in exactly the same way: as a fiction, as a joke. Then you have a modest amount of fun with it.

Arbitrariness of interpretations

If there is a whistleblower, then he is not to be taken seriously. He is constantly entangled in contradictions: On the one hand, Freemasonry teaches nothing (p.154), on the other hand, its goal is the New World Order (p. 117); All religions stand side by side with equal rights for the Freemason (p. 114), on the other hand he is against Islam and for the Pope (p. 81); the Masonic lodges are closely networked and connected (p. 66), but there is a war of lodges (p. 126); The Germans will take the lead in the field of thought, although they are absolutely obedient to the authorities and have been weaned from thinking (both on p. 199); once the control of world affairs lies with the rulers of the central banks - all Freemasons - another time it is all of us who are in charge of global affairs morphogenetic field to become helmsmen, decision-makers about war and peace (both on p. 152).

The book offers a colorful bouquet of conspiracy theories. When illuminating the background, it gets confused. It is said that behind everything there is a circle of powerful people. Some of these powerful people are named, such as Barack Obama, the Pope, Helmut Kohl, Angela Merkel - you could have figured it out yourself. When the interviewer Jan van Helsing asks who is actually in control, the anonymous Freemason's answer is: "I don't name any names." (P. 129)

The vagueness and chaos seem to be part of the system.

It does not frighten the conspiracy theorist. He knows that in chaos, the believer always sees exactly what he wants to see. The skeptics interested in enlightenment are different. For him the chaos is one first warning sign: It testifies to the arbitrariness and the lack of explanatory power of the conspiracy theories.

Dead ends of thinking

Another characteristic of conspiracy theories is their foundation in ancient thought. As a Fulda citizen you have access to this world of thought. Athanasius Kircher taught here. We have already spoken of him and his concept of world harmony, including the Law of analogy as the key to understanding the world: As above so below - the microcosm as a mirror image of the macrocosm.

Of even greater importance is Hrabanus Maurus. He taught in Fulda and was abbot of the local monastery from 822 to 842. On the Pfaffenpfad from the monastery (cathedral) up to the Petersberg there is a board with explanations of one of his figure poems, which "embodies in a special way the intimate connection between the natural and heavenly course of the world". Its title: "About the four elements, the order of the seasons, the four continents, the four parts of the natural day and how they find their place in the cross and are sanctified by the cross".

Today esotericists refer to this ancient way of thinking. Its principles are borrowed from the Corpus Hermeticus, a compendium of this thinking (Ehmer, 2016). In the Freundeskreis I am confronted again and again with statements from this world of thought:

  1. Everything has a cause
  2. There is no such thing as coincidence
  3. Everything is connected
  4. As above, so below

Causes in turn have causes. So that the search for the cause does not lead to an infinite regress, the esoteric ends the search by, following Hermes Trismegistus, invoking a world-immanent, mystical "power of a dormant thing", one motionless mover thus, of which Aristotle already spoke.

These ideas did not get the "ancient Greeks" too far, they lead to dead ends of thinking. It reawakened in the Renaissance, and at that time it was largely overcome. What we call science today emerged.

Hermetic thinking still exists today; it is cultivated by the esotericists of all shades. It is in these dead corners of thinking that we find intelligent design morphogenetic fields of Rupert Sheldrake and also Hans-Peter Dürr's world consciousness. These theories explain everything - and therefore absolutely nothing.

Jan van Helsing was obviously taken with the morphogenetic fields. And this is precisely this reference to the hermetic system for me second warning sign a false conspiracy theory.

Contiguity - Correlation - Causality

Our tendency to seek and find meaning in everything is evident when we recognize faces in the random patterns of bathroom tiles, or when the cloud image appears to be forming a dog. We have already spoken of the narrative chaos that turns into conspiracy theories in our heads. But not only the chaos has something to offer. Many meaningful and completely meaningless configurations are deliberately created by the conspiracy theorist.

We already perceive the temporal or spatial proximity of two objects or thoughts as a connection or correlation. And we like to enrich this connection with even more meaning and interpret it in terms of causality.

The book uses this mechanism. For example, it says: "The goal [of the mighty] is to keep the majority of people, a majority of the people, calm, like today's youth". Then it says: “The young generation of our time has no prospects for the future, and young people fall into depression. Nevertheless, they keep quiet because they are busy with drugs and some kind of game program on their screens. ”(P. 87f.) It doesn't say so, but if you're not careful, you've already come to the conclusion: the powerful are deliberately relocating the young people into cyberspace, into a world that actually isn't.

So be careful: That third warning sign shows up when two trains of thought are simply placed side by side and when the author obviously trusts that we will already establish the “right connections”.

There are other ways to insinuate connections and to evade any liability for the conclusions. The question form: “You will be allowed to ask again” is also popular: “It could be that ...” The announcement that the United States has an “earthquake weapon” and that it already has it has been used, is moved into the realm of the possible as follows: "We cannot prove it, but the probability that something like this has already happened is very high." (p. 193)


You may now be wondering why I do myself to study such a scrap plant, when a quick look on the Internet shows that Jan van Helsing as right-wing esotericist is known and that he is also seen by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and that some of his books are on the index of writings harmful to minors.

Although I know all of this, it doesn't matter to my deliberations. It is easy for the conspiracy theorist to view these judgments as a vilification brought about by the conspirators themselves.

Each of us has to pull our own hair out of the swamp.


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