Who is the most trustworthy Xiaomi or Huawei

Xiaomi smartphones are supposed to forward user data to the Chinese authorities

The Xiaomi Redmi Note is supposed to forward the user's data to the Chinese internet authority
Image: xiaomi According to market researchers, the manufacturer Xiaomi has climbed to the top position in the smartphone business in China. The company overtook the global market leader Samsung with sales of almost 15 million devices in the past quarter, reported the analysis company Canalys. Xiaomi, a company that was only a few years old and offers technically advanced devices at particularly low prices, had a market share of 14 percent.

Apple not in the top 5

The Xiaomi Redmi Note is supposed to forward the user's data to the Chinese internet authority
Image: xiaomi China is the world's largest smartphone market. Around every third computer cell phone is now sold there worldwide. According to Canalys, Samsung was just ahead of the world's largest PC manufacturer Lenovo (13.03 million smartphones) with a good 13.2 million smartphones. Four of the five largest suppliers in China were domestic companies. Apple did not make it into the top 5 with its iPhone. In contrast, Huawei just made it into the top 5 with almost 11.9 million computer phones sold.

These Chinese manufacturers will also become more and more well-known in the western world in the future. For example, the Chinese manufacturer has already declared war on Apple with its Xiaomi Mi4. At Samsung, with the decline in China, group-wide smartphone sales also fell, and the South Koreans' profit fell by almost 20 percent in the past quarter.

Chinese smartphone security

The connection data of the Xiaomi Redmi Note
Image: ocworkbench However, it is still unclear what the state of consumer privacy and security is about Chinese devices. According to the OCWorkbench website, the owner of a Xiaomi Redmi Note from Hong Kong found when evaluating the connection data of his smartphone that the device forwards photos, SMS and other data via WiFi to two Chinese IP addresses. According to some forum posts by the user Kenny Li, the IP addresses belong to the Chinese Internet authority.

The IP addresses belong to the Chinese Internet Authority
Picture: ocworkbench It is surprising that even after rooting the smartphone and installing a different firmware on the device, the data transfer continues to take place in the background. It is still unclear whether this data exchange should only serve to create a backup for the user data or whether the information will continue to be used. However, a few weeks ago it became known that eavesdropping software was also installed in some other devices from Chinese manufacturers. This is the case, for example, with the Star N9500, a plagiarism of the Samsung Galaxy S4.