How can I answer an MCQ question

Overview of question types

Single choice

In a single choice question, exactly one correct answer can be selected from several answer options.

multiple choice

In a multiple choice question, several correct answers can be selected from several answer options.

On the page on multiple choice questions in ILIAS, important settings for scoring are described


In a K-prim question, 4 answers are always given to a question asked, each of which must be rated as correct or incorrect.

Mark errors and words (error text question)

In a text, words should be marked which, depending on the specifications, are either incorrect or can be assigned to a subject area.

Hotspot and image map

In the case of a hotspot question, the answer is given by clicking on an area of ​​an image / graphic.

Fill in the gap / long menu

In a Fill in the blank question key terms are removed from a running text that have to be reinserted by the student during the examination. In addition to the text gap, there is also the long menu question and the numerical question.

The Long menu question basically works like a fill in the blank question. However, while you are entering the answer - depending on the letters you have already entered - a list of previously defined answer options appears. The correct answer option must then be selected from these.

Numerical question

A numerical value can be asked for with the help of the numerical question. An upper and a lower limit can be set beforehand for values ​​that are to be considered correct.

Formula question

In a formula question, variables for calculating a result are specified in the question text. The values ​​of these variables are generated randomly in examination mode. The size range in which the values ​​are and which divisibility they should have can be determined in advance.

STACK question

With the STACK plug-in, ILIAS provides a powerful instrument for mathematical questions that are calculated by a computer algebra system (CAS) and not just compared with a stored solution. For this purpose, expressions in AsciiMath syntax are entered, which can be viewed in a preview. This means that complex tasks can be created in which the solution is mapped using a tree structure. When checking the solution, the computer algebra system "Maxima" is specifically used.

The type of question is complex. It is recommended to use the documentation and the freely available question pools.

  • Public test platform for ILIAS stack
After registering, you can add yourself to the “STACK Tryout” group. This group already has an “MLU Halle-Wittenberg” folder that you are welcome to work with.

  • Documentation for the ILIAS stack question type:

  • Official STACK documentation (moodle)
The Mathematical Institute of the University of Göttingen also offers a STACK platform. In the folder “STACK collection of exercises” you will find numerous STACK questions on various topics. Registration is not required to access the collection of exercises.

Name terms

This question format is intended to list a subset of terms from a larger group. All terms belonging to this group must be defined when creating the question.

Please note that the order in which the terms are queried does not matter. If you would like to query clear terms at certain points, please use the "gap text" format.

Question of arrangement (horizontal / vertical)

When it comes to the question of arrangement, terms must be put in a certain order. The underlying principle of this sequence can either be a temporal, a cause-and-consequence relationship (horizontal arrangement) or that of importance (vertical arrangement).

Assignment question

In an assignment question, different terms (terms) must be assigned to their superordinate terms (definitions). Terms and definitions can be in word or image form. It is also possible to include inapplicable terms in order to reduce the likelihood of guessing.

Free text question

In this format, an open question can be answered with a small essay without any structural requirements.

JSME question

With the help of the JSME question, the graphic representation of structural formulas of simple and complex molecular compounds can be queried.

Upload file

This question format is used to include content that was created with third-party programs during the exam.


This format offers the possibility to provide the students with basic information or to provide them with a source of information for further tasks. So it is not used to query, but to provide knowledge. Alternatively, it is possible to include the question as a substitute for a worksheet issued in the exam. The points achieved on this can then be entered manually in the correction course as the result of the restudy question and are thus included in the total number of points for the e-exam.

Drawing task

In this format it is possible to create freehand drawings. These can also be done on a pre-inserted background. The drawing is done with the mouse. The requirement must therefore not be too complex. This task can only be evaluated manually.