What do rabbits represent spiritually?

The symbolism of the hare and the rabbit

The main meanings of the rabbit have to do with the following topics: abundance, comfort, vulnerability, fertility, desire and procreation. In addition, the rabbits are closely related to the seasons, the changes of mother earth and specifically also to spring. Rabbits are animals that feel the beginning of spring very intensely, like a kind of festival of life. We are all aware that there are large populations of rabbits - after all, rabbits are a very well-known species for their ability to reproduce, which is often very rapid. For the same reason, the rabbit is the perfect symbol of fertility and spring: a new life, new beginnings and growth.

A mother hare can have more than forty offspring per year. This is also associated with the cycle of life, since different generations go through in life. For this reason, in Asian culture, for example, the rabbit is a symbol of longevity and a large family. Therefore, rabbits are also a good symbol for creativity and creation. Some more elements associated with the rabbit are: love, happiness, shyness, speed, growth, rebirth, harmony, awareness, family, abundance and esotericism.

The hare symbology also has many other meanings: rabbits love to chew and chew often, and rabbits' teeth never stop growing. Symbolically, chewing implies repetition, contemplation, and breaking concepts into different pieces. This symbolizes element like health and prosperity.

Rabbits are animals that often live above the ground. They are also nocturnal, which is why they are associated with the moon. This offers us other meanings with regard to this animal, such as intuition and emotionality.

In the Mesopotamian culture, the rabbits were associated with feminine strength and the ability to reproduce quickly and easily. At Easter, the rabbits are the main protagonists and this has some implications in terms of sacrifice, redemption and resurrection. Bunnies represent spring and the promise that things will turn out for the better. In the Alemannic culture this animal is associated with Ostara, a goddess of fertility.

For the Native Americans, the rabbit is a strong and highly respected animal. Those who are born in the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar are characterized by being conservative, kind, and empathetic people. They are creative and active people who want to avoid conflict. Rabbits are social animals that can have affective feelings of happiness. On the other hand, they can be associated with aggression, envy, and hostility regarding their social relationship.

Nevertheless, we are aware that this type of behavior occurs in virtually all families and social groups. Rabbits are therefore a symbol that we need to build and maintain these social connections.

The rabbit also reminds us of the connection between body and soul. Even when our instincts are offered, we have to develop them further. If you've ever held a bunny in your arms, you've probably noticed that her heart is beating very quickly. Therefore, rabbits are associated with very sensitive people who are very careful and vigilant. Rabbits always jump or run long distances. Rabbits are magical and mysterious beings, and they are a very diverse species - that is why they are given so many meanings.

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