Are related to black mice

House mouse and shrew

Perhaps you've heard this before or know it yourself: If you have a cat that goes out, it sometimes happens that she brings mice home with her. It is interesting to note that some mice are eaten by the cat, while others are simply left lying there after the cat has chased and killed them. Some people say that the cat brought the dead but intact mouse as a gift for "their" people. But that is not the case! It's just the taste.

The mice the cat chases all look very similar at first glance. And the names are also similar. "Mouse" appears in it. But that's misleading. Because only the house mouse is a "mouse". It is a rodent and omnivore. It feeds on seeds, roots, and now and then on insects. She also likes to eat our supplies. And cats like to eat the house mouse.

The shrew, on the other hand, is a carnivore. It eats insects and sometimes small vertebrates. They don't care about our supplies. You can recognize the shrew very well by its snout nose.

Now comes the interesting thing: shrews are not mice at all. They are more related to moles. The water shrew and the swamp shrew are the only mammals in Europe that have poison glands. The other shrews that cats catch do not have poison glands, but they do have other glands that give them a taste that cats find gross. That is why they catch shrews but do not eat them.